I had lipstick on my teeth

I thought I was looking pretty today but I had lipstick on my teeth now I want to end it all

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  • Scintillating word puke from another dumbshit/ troll. lol

  • Your lipstick on my dipstick

  • Sorry you had such a rough go.

  • Yes dear it's your own lipstick when u were sucking my c***. It got displaced and struck right on your tooth

  • Hello w****...

  • Just forget about it. Everyone else already has.

  • The post name should be "feeling empty d*** required" that's it

  • By "end it all", do you mean using lipstick?

  • No. I want to kill myself. Better yet, would youo consider strangling me until I'm blue?

  • Sure. Erotic asphyxiation. I'd do it while I was f****** you. I'm up for it. You'll love it. And when we're done, you won't ever want to die again.

  • But what about the lipstick on my teeth

  • Don't worry below person would use his own lipstick which is a little thick and white in color which will definitely wipe out the tooth as it comes with jet pressure.

  • I'd wipe it off as I was choking you out. And if your friends or fellow workers ever asked about the lipstick on your teeth, you could always blame me. Always. You could tell them that your new lover kissed you too hard or for too long, or that it happened when you were sucking your new lover's c***, or your new lover was introducing you to some very very very very very rough foreplay, including face-slapping and asphyxia. I, of course, would be your new lover. And in addition to the lipstick-on-the-teeth problem, your hair would frequently be rather messy (from all the f****** we'd be doing), your clothes would be rumpled (same reason), you'd rarely have on a bra or panties (because I'd be tearing them off you all the time), and you would always -- every day -- smell like s**** (you know why). Having lipstick on your teeth would become just one of several badges of sexual honor. People would say or think, "Wow, she's really turned into quite a s***, hasn't she?" But the same people would be envious of all the action you're getting.

  • You have to collect me from work on a leash

  • Of course, that's certain. You would wear your "B****" collar to work every day -- yes, you read that right: every day -- and when work ends, I would come in and attach the leash to it and pull you out. If you resisted, I'd grab you by the hair and drag your filthy w**** ass out of the place, while you begged for me to "stop!". But you wouldn't mean that, because you'd know that if I stopped, I'd takeoff the leash and beat you with it, although you would crave the beatings. You would be so proud to be so loved in all these ways, and to have everyone know what a magnificent s*** you are. And you would always relish the fact that our relationship began with just a little lipstick on your teeth. Would you wish for me to beat you with the leash in front of your friends at work, or just at our home, or both?

  • In our home. Outside you should treat me like your pretty little p**** cat who you own and dominate. And feel free to f*** me when you meet my family
    They should know who's dominated little s*** I am

  • Yes, my darling, I completely understand and agree on both counts. Your corporal disciplining -- in whatever form I use on you -- should be private, and not shared with the world. These are acts of love, as they exist between us, but not everyone sees them as we do. You want it and you need it so so so so desperately, but you are so protective of me (one of the many things about you that separate you from all the others who've been in my life, and one of the many many things about you that I love so dearly) that you would NEVER allow anyone to misunderstand my actions or my intentions toward you. I am amazed -- and gratified -- that you always want to protect me. Thank you, sweet girl.

    As for your family...…. they need to see how hungry and deeply perverted you can be. And they will not believe it if we simply say it. They need the visual evidence in front of them. I know, I know: some of them (your parents) will be horrified by your behavior (and by your begging for it!! and by your filthy language!!), and the others will just be shocked, not having realized you were capable of such outrageous depravity. But all of them -- over time -- will come to understand it as your nature. And they will understand it as our love. Your parents will require more work, since they brought you into the world, and never saw this coming. So......we will f*** more (and harder) in front of them. We will make a point of f****** repeatedly and roughly, whenever we are with them, at our home or theirs (at first, they will say "not in our home!", but they will quickly comprehend that it CANNOT be stopped, not anywhere), and gradually they will accept our love and that means of its expression. Yes, they need to know that you are my submissive, and I am your master. And that is what's best for you.

  • Yes, master. Please. I need you to ram me up the wall, in front of my biological father, choking me, ramming your c*** into me, taking full posession of my body. All while screaming about what a s*** he raised and how my p**** feels on your c***. He needs to be shamed, and fully see he daughter being claimed by a better man. I would come so hard

  • I'm so sorry, darling, for not realizing what your father is, and not recognizing what you mean to him. He has a sickness. Please forgive him. Please. Shame him? No, I will crush him, and I will break his heart into a million shards, by showing him what I have with you, and what I can do to your body. It will be what he always wanted, but once he sees us together, he will realize that he is not man enough to give you what I give you. Yes, of course, I will pin you against the wall, and choke you as I f*** you like a rag doll right under his nose. Then, I will have you do ass to mouth, taking my c*** deep up your a******, repeatedly, and then sucking it clean of your own s***. I think you can see and hear him crying as we do that. I will smile at him in victory, having taken his "prize" from him, FOREVER, but you will laugh at him, humiliating him, and rendering his p**** perpetually limp. I will then tell him, "Look at what I've made of your daughter! Look at what a better man is capable of doing to her!" And you will snicker at him as you o*****, as I extract my d*** from your oral cleaning and slide it all the way into your p****, of which he has the best view. And your o***** will come with that one thrust, and for the first time in your life, you will experience a female e**********, squirting your p**** juice all over your own father, who then falls to his knees in an effort to suck up or lick up every drop of your glorious e********, and you realize that -- finally -- he no longer has any control over you, and he is your property. But again, my sweet, please do forgive him for his illness and for how he pursued you, the things he did, the things he said, the way he hurt you. You have me now, and he is lost.

  • I'm in love with you master

  • I came so hard to the last comment. I don't know who you are, but thank you for indulging my depravity like chocolate cake.

    P.s I would let you f*** the living s*** out of me

  • Wow this is actually pretty hot

  • Some one plz help the poor lady. THUG LIFE

  • So sad

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