Is this a good reason to marry someone?

This is my opinion of a friend of mines decision to marry a woman. My friend is a sucessful Orthadontist and he always said he wanted a challenge that would be his masterpiece.

He apparently found a woman from Australia and every tooth in her head was rotten. All of them..

He brought her to America and introduced her to me. She was ok looking except for her teeth and I knew then and there why she was in my country.

Fixing her teeth would be his greatest shining achievement.

I didn't see her for over a year but when I did meet her again at the grocery store she had the most beautiful shining white perfect teeth I have ever seen in my entire life.

She also had an infant and was pregnant with another.

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  • Why not? Women want to "fix" men all the time.

  • Maybe your friend has a savior complex?

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