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I'm just flat out going a say... I'm a h**** 13 year old female. I was first exposed to s** at age 6. I was molested by a guy in my 5th period class. He has always been the one to first hit puberty and I was like, "It's okay. It's his hormones. He can't help it." After he did it to me a few times I was scared and told my school counsular. When he got suspended, I thought it over, and I liked it. Thinking back at the moments made me wet as f***. I slept, and had 3 dreams about him. 2 were of him molesting me and 1 was a lucid dream where we ended up having s**. We haven't spoken since then, but I'm going to admit, I miss his touch.

Apr 27, 2015

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  • This was written by a 36 year old male virgin. not well either, i might add.

  • Darling, I'm 16 and I know you are h**** but its not okay he hurt you dear you need to find another guy but don't do anything you'll regret that's not okay you need some type of help to help you get over this (:

  • More fake bull***t!!!

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