Not really a confession

I'm 11 years old and my dad is always mean to me, my siblings hate me, and my teachers always expect me to get strait As because I used to get good grades. The only reason I hasn't killed myself yet is because I love my mom more than I want to die and I can't imagine being without her. Thanks for reading because I had to let someone know.

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  • Try living through all this, plus your dad actually hits you and your classmates bully you every day. Also, your mom checks out mentally if you need her in any way. That was my life for years and I'm still here.

  • I'm sorry your feeling this way!

    You say your father is mean to you? Is your mother living with you? Is she aware of what is happening? If not - speak up!

    If your mother doesn't listen or believe, tell your teachers you would like to speak to the school counsel is - they are there to help you.

    You need to ask for help, sending prayers for you!

    Speak up kiddo!

  • When I was young. Don't remember exactly what age. About 11 or maybe up to 13. I felt really annoyed by my parents. It seemed all pressure and like they were totally against me. I did various things to get back at then. For a while I deliberatky p***** my bed. Each morning I would pee in my bed. I liked it because I got lots of attention. They ask started feeling sorry for me. Then I got over myself and things went back to being pretty normal.

  • Eleven is too young to think about dying. Study a bit harder and try harder to get along with your parents and siblings. You'll be ok.

  • Be more condescending and clueless, idiot!

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