Love lingerie

I need to confess i just started wearing panties but enjoy it so much i want to try more.i recently bought some sexy things and i must admit it feels amazing!! Thanks for your posts i know im not alone in this god what a relief.ty again enjoying my new things

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  • I like to wear panties sometimes when I j*** off mainly for the humiliation factor. I love to imagine what girls would think if they knew I jerked off while wearing girls' underwear. One time when I lived in an apartment, this sexy little chick who lived above me had thrown out a plastic dresser, and when I happened to look inside, I was so thrill to see she had thrown out 5 pairs of underwear. I grabbed them and ran back to my apartment and immediately put a pair on. I started jerking off to one of my favorite j*** off instructors videos as I stroked my c*** with one pair as I wore a second pair. Every time I masturbated with them I shoot my load all over a pair, and eventually them were caked in c**!

  • I love wearing used/soiled panties or thongs and m********* on them. I often took them unnoticed from my relatives or friends' home or launderettes. Anyone has this fetish??

  • I have same fetish for soiled panties of all ages,I've have them from 8 to 68 and all have a different musky smell I love you to smell and taste of c** ,one of niece's panties,she's 12 are a real turn on ,she does gymnastics and wears a little thong under her leotard,I try to get that after a session when still damp,always thick white s**** stains the length of her slit ,gorgeous and know she masturbates a lot.mmmmm
    Love to share them with another guy and w*** and suck each other.

  • Love to do that with you I have them from a 2 yr old and up

  • I am a 65 year "young" male and have been changing into my ladies attire each evening when I got home to my apartment. I have a huge collection of ladies clothes including beautiful slips, satin knickers and bras all lacy and very silky.
    Over the years I have improved my feminine appearance, including having me hair dyed, cut long and during the daytime I wear it tied bag in a pony tail.
    Anyway not long ago I was at home preparing my tea when my doorbell rang and I hurriedly put on a housecoat, forgot all about my make-up and answered the door. It was my neighbour Jack and he said "Robert darling can I come in". I was shocked but I let him in and once in he said "Robert I knew you were a transvestite and I'm interested in you". Well Jack is married to Ethel who lives along the corridor, he is slightly older than me and clean and well kept. He reached towards me and undid my house coat revealing my underwear "Oh! darling you look so sexy and I so need some s**, will you have an affair with me?"
    It was instinctive, I moved to him and kissed him passionately, Jack responded and pulled me close and I could feel his erection, I put my hand on the front of his trousers and in myself I felt a surge of excitement when Jack asked "can I go to bed with you?" So then I took him into my bedroom and sat on the bed while Jack stripped naked. OMG! he was big and very erect and I took him in my mouth.
    Before to long we were rolling around on the bed and then he was inside me.
    We have now become lovers, Jack has tremendous energy and staying power and I feel a very lucky girl.

  • I'm looking forward to Jack coming round tonight and I'm going to dress especially sexy for him I'm going to wear lace topped stockings, a white satin full suspender, white high cut silk lacy French knickers, white lacy bra and a white silk vintage slip all slippery and sensual because Jack loves the sexy feeling silky clothes give him when he rubs against me. This will be finished off with a black see-through chiffon blouse and a floaty flirty chiffon Coast skirt and white high heeled sandals He will love it all.

  • Knickers only for me for years now, nightdress or onesie at bedtime

  • Do you want to hear about my last session with Jack?

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