I feel like an idiot when the romantic spark dies out

I've been madly in love three times with women and I swear to god each one of these women screwed me over. They let me spend money on them and they dated me but after awhile each of them screwed me over in their unique different ways.

This has soured me for other relationships. I can't believe I was forced to dump three women.

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  • Stop playing the victim. It takes two in a relationship. I'm convinced that sometimes we date people who are unavailable subconsciously.

  • Sometimes you have to date a couple of toads before you meet your princess. Not saying there aren't women who won't take advantage of a nice guy's kindness, because there certainly are. But have you ever considered what your role was/is when dating some of these women. Because it's really easy to blame someone else, instead of being accountable. Afterall, it does take two. Own your part. What do you think you're doing that maybe you should tweak so you can change this pattern. As for the romantic spark..Maybe you're too blinded by love that you feel that you're not seeing the person you're dating. Or missing signs that they aren't into as you are into them. As for the money love shouldn't cost a thing. You say "they" let you spend money. Maybe it should be "I" spent the money and they didn't refuse. It's nice to be thoughtful and chivalrous. Don't buy extravagant gifts or pay their bills etc.. They need to know the man they are dating, not the wallet. And maybe change your approach to where you're meeting these women. But look to see if the girl you're dating think to buy you little things or even offers to pay or contribute once in awhile. Then you know you may have a keeper.

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