My buddys girlfriend

I knew my friends girlfriend long before he did. She was never my girlfriend but we had s** a lot years earlier as friends. She asked that we never tell him about our sexual past. I kept my word, I never tell anyone about my sexual encounters anyway.She's always been a good friend since high school and I never interfered with any of her relationships. She recently told me she was very bored of him sexually, that he doesen't get her off and seems to worry about his own need to get off using her and neglecting her need to get off. She said that she asked him for oral s** and he refused saying he hated doing that. She knows I loved doing that with her and asked me if I'd do that for her and that she'd return the favor. She was very sexually frustrated so I brought her to my apartment and we did more than just oral s**. I have to say it was the best s** I ever had and I'm not feeling the least bit guilty. We cheated 4 times now, the s** is awesome. I'm going to take her away from him now. I want to keep her all to myself. I finally fell in love with her and she said she was never not in love with me, something I never knew.

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  • Very sexy. Very hot. Very, very exciting. I wish only the best of luck!

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