i work at a consession stand at a movie

i work at a consession stand at a movie theater. every time i have to take orders from parents with obese children i feel guilty and nauseous. i feel like i'm aiding an addiction.

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  • omg ! i used to work at an ice cream place and whenever obese kids were with their parents i would give them smaller servings. if you want to be fat as an adult okay that's your choice, but parents should set boundaries with food and should want their kids to be healthy.

  • Hey when my big fat wife and my big fat kids come to the ice cream place just give them what they want and make them happy, especially if they are paying the SAME amount of money for an item as the skinny people. Handing out smaller servings based on your own sense of morality is elitism and grossly bigoted. It’s not for you or anyone else to judge fat people or their fat kids so just mind your own damn business and STFU. The last I checked, being fat in the US was NOT a crime so get over yourself.

  • Aaaaaamen. Fat shamers need to just STFU and mind their own business. Im not fat but when I come across a fat hater I bathrobe ever loving f*** living them. That's my thing....I love making people pay for their bigotry.

  • ^Yes I agree. I hate when I see talk shows with parents crying cause their 3 year old weighs 90 lbs. . .HELLO stop feeding them 8 meals of greasy food everyday! Dumb ass parents!

  • Its the parents fault, not yours. I was in a food court the other day, this woman bought her kid three chicken sandwiches a large drink, and like two boxes of fries.
    Trust me, you are not the problem at all.

  • Selling food to obese people doesn't make you a "pusher." If it did then we'd have to also prosecute the bartenders, sporting goods salespeople, etc. People have their own free will, don't feel guilty about making a living selling whatever you sell long as it's legal.

  • LOL That is messed up! When I worked at a retail store and we started carrying size 24-26 for JUNIORS (!!!!!!) I felt dissapointed that the manufacturers were enabling teens to be 500 lbs, and still wear the same clothes as the non-overweight peers. . .also felt bad knowing that someone would have to see their fat a**** in those clothes (that they should not be wearing)!!!

  • Funny and true to equate the Pusher with selling candy to fat kids and parents.

  • GODDAM the pusher man! Steppenwolf...look it up

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