Skinny? No thanks.

I feel like a mean person, but I just can't find skinny women attractive. I'm not into obese women or overweight women though, but I like nice curves and softness in a woman. All the women I know are thin as rails and I feel badly when they flirt with me because they just don't turn me on.

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  • Skinny girls just don’t look like women. I don’t understand the attraction and never will. They have nothing to offer a guy in the way of female features. Being into skinny chicks is almost like being into guys. In fact I’d rather be with a big fat mountain size mama than a skinny chick. At least a fatty will more than likely have some decent size b**** and a big round ass to hang on to. With a skinny chick all you get to hold is sharp edges and bones and what real man wants that?.

  • Im sorry but you are not alone.. To me, Skinny = Ugly. Cant stand stick figure girls.

    Give me a woman with some serious curves (Fat is ok as well.) and I will make her a happy woman.

  • I'm exactly the same, I'm no pro athlete myself, but my girlfriend is curvy, and we both love each other to death.

  • Yeah I loves girls with curves too. Really skinny girls don't do much for me. And to the first commenter 5'6 138 is a beautiful site. Send me some pics.

  • Most guys like girls with a little meat, not fat, just enough to grab something when f******.

  • Mmmmm I love the curvy girls. Just wonderful.

  • ^ WTF?!?

  • Seconded, OP. Skinny lovers are halfway to pedophiles anyway.

  • That's great news, OP! You can have as many chunky ones as you want. Leave the thin ones for us guys who like 'em like that.

  • This made me smile,
    Because im not a skinny girl (although I don't think I'm like really fat or anything, I'm 5'6 and 138 pounds) and it seems like all guys like annorexic looking girls..I'm glad to know guys like you exist :)

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