I miss you, its been like 7 years since

I miss you, its been like 7 years since I last saw you, I remember only one thing from that day, and that was hugging you. I miss your long red hair flying back and froth as we head banged to Disturbed in the classroom. I remember the fun we had raising h*** in that school, and getting back at them for all the things they put us through. I miss the way you would stick up for me no matter what, and I miss doing that for you. I wish I could find you, and so we can hang out, and the fun would never have to stop again. I can't believe I miss the hints you where dropping, and how all I wanted to do was go out with the one person on this earth that loved me no matter what. I hope where ever you are your happy, and I hope I will see you again, before you are married off or before its to late. I hope when I see you, that you remember me and still love me, and the fact you forgive me for being a j*** and letting you leave my life.

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  • Do the world a favor and cut your d*** off!

  • This guy is such a LOSER

  • Send her a poo dollar

  • no but the guy sounds like a chick, and come on its been 7 years do you think she remembers you.

  • ^gay? For wanting to see a girl again? hmm if wanting to see a girl is gay, something tells me you are VERY straight!

  • that sounds gay

  • wow this is stupid

  • I am a guy and I wish I could either see her again, or find someone else who makes me feel the same way.

  • i think its a guy, and if you are a guy, this is like the sweetest thing i've ever read in my life. it's not girly ^ at all. it's really nice. i hope you get to see her again one day

  • ^LOL or a girly guy.

  • ok are you a guy or a girl because you sound like a girl.

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