My Heart Aches...

When the chips are down, when it seems as though there's nowhere else to go no one else to turn to, I hope you know I'm there. I hope you know you are loved. Missing you so much right now.

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  • I want my heart to ache,i want to feel the pain as I turn my path from your face but an absolute calmness has enveloped me ..I scurried from one place to other but not a single drop ran down my cheeks..

  • (.) :(

  • Let me know let me know let me know let me know.

  • Come a bit closer.............I love you

  • How will he or she know if you don't tell them?

  • Hypothetical assumption

  • The one will know.

  • No they f****** won't! TELL THEM, YOU TOOL.

  • Let them know! We only have today. Call/text/email them. Anything. Just let them know how much they mean to you. They may just be feeling the same way. Good luck.

  • Same here .I am really at a loss of words.i truly don't know how to express it any more

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