I surely do hope it

I hope President Trump bombs Iran to f*** and back. They deserve it. All of them. Their leaders and all their people. And when he finishes that, I hope he'll find all the Iranians here in the US, put them in a vacant prairie, and bomb them to f*** and back too. That's what I want. TO F*** AND BACK.



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  • I hope Trump nukes the f*** out of Iran until it’s one big, smoking hole of a mass grave. The word would be so much more peaceful.

  • I love Iranians........but they gotta go.

  • C'mon, let's be honest with one another. The Iranians are just another sad collection of n******.

  • Yeah he need to bomb they ass.

  • Check out some Iranian films. They are really good. Directors like Farhadi, Makhmalbaf or Kiarostami is a good place to start.

  • F*** yeah! Trump should round up the women and grab ‘em by the p**** too.

  • Trump should start the bombing runs today. Like, this afternoon.

  • If Obama had done this same exact thing, you'd be crying and p****** all over yourself like the little girl you really are. Stupid hypocrite.

  • All Iranian are POS

  • Not as much as native born English speakers who don't have a very good grasp of the language. Shouldn't you be outside eating rocks or something?

  • Shouldn't you be in the street sucking c**** or something?

  • I wouldn't want to intrude on your main source of income. Your secondary source being eating rocks for spare change from tourists.

  • Not "to infinity and beyond", but "to f*** and back!!!!"

  • Why so much hate? What did they ever do to you?

  • They are all just worthless POS. Bombay baby!!!!

  • What a coincidence. Most of the rest of the world feels that way about YOU. And they outnumber you.

  • Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the country, But we have more bombs.

  • And that makes it right? I probably have more ammo than you. So let's settle this the way you seem to enjoy so much. What's your address?

  • That's sweet. I'd cut you in half before you had a chance to fill your little green pistol with water. LOL

  • LOL! Keep telling yourself that, little man

  • ^deluded b****^

  • LOL

  • How do you know the bullsh*t you hear on TV is real. Maybe them people are doing nothing wrong and our govt just wants their oil?

  • They should just go that that m***********' oil, if that's what they want!!!!

  • I want your m************ virgin chocolate starfish. BEND OVER, SUPPLICANT. NOW.

  • We don't need they oil no more. Let it rot in they ass.

  • A good asskicking when needed is a glorious thing.

    Defaulting to that mindset for everyone who doesn't think or act the way -you- want them to is base stupidity, and ought to be treated like the cancer it is.

  • The silence to this response is deafening, especially when there is evidence of easily frightened MAGATs crawling all over this thread.

  • You're so very proud that you managed to string together enough words to say anything. But really.......you still said nothing. Go home princess.

  • ^triggered MAGAT with very little reading comprehension^

  • Great, let's imagine Trump wipes out Iran:
    What then?
    Think ANY country is gonna keep up political and commercial relations with the US?
    Noone likes mass murders you stupid f***. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • They run the local Pizza Bolis. Terrible pizza but nice people.

  • Pity. The Iranians I know are wonderful people.

  • Wrong! They are soulless and selfish and boorish and mean.

  • Orly? You know the specific people that anonymous commentator is talking about? Or are you braying that "all" Iranians suck? Because guess what, sunshine. YOU are one of "all those people" to other people in the world. Crawl back under your rock and take your black-and-white "thinking" with you!

  • :) Too funny. Your politics are retarded, like you. And your mama.

  • Time for you to go back to sucking d****

  • Oh no, you brought mama into it like retards inevitably do. I am so defeated! You... you really changed my mind today.


  • That was you who brought you mama into you ass. I don't know why you want you mama in you ass but you put her there. So enjoy her. Just please please don't tell you daddy......

  • Tee hee i said mama again im so badass an i also said daddy too now im really badassssss i win tee hee

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