I have fun stealing small things from

I have fun stealing small things from the store :)

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  • I also steal small things like lip gloss, eyeliner, earrings etc. mainly make up. haha.

    I did get caught once but
    to be honest it wasn't all that horrible.
    just 15 hrs of c/s
    counseling sessions.
    and a 50$ fine.

    everyone obviously is gonna have different experiences.
    I was 17 when I got caught that's probably why I got away with not so much. but now I'm 19. I'm an adult. it could be different. I don't wanna bother trying though.... lol.

    yeah so good luck.

  • I got caught a few times stealing candy before when I was 6ish. Kinda learned my lesson and only care if stuff is stolen while I'm on watch.

    A friend was telling me a story about how when she was younger she was a klepto too. One day she and a friend were walking around a store. The Bay I think. They were picking up little nicknacks and demonstrator samples for no reason at all. They were going to leave the store but a plainclothes security guard stopped them. He wanted them to walk through the security sensors and look through their purses. They were caught.

    He took them to a back room which was different to the other administration offices. It was small and had a window high up on the wall. The guard wrote down some of their personal information and explained he'll be right back.

    They decided that its best that they leave so they opened the window. It was kinda high and my friend helped pushing her friend out the window first. Next it was her turn and struggled up and out.. nearly out. The guard came running in and grabbed her by the ankle! He pulled her leg just like how I'm pulling yours.

    Thank you everyone, drive safe, I'll be here till the end of the week.

  • LOL I like people like you too! I work for a retail store, and if we report a theft to LP, we get extra reward money on our checks. . . .keep steeling idiot. . .you earn me more money (and you still have to pay a fine that is usually more $ than the item you were trying to steal!) LOL LOL HA ha

  • you can have more fun stealing bigger things.

  • Kleptomaniac?

  • LOL When your ass gets caught it won't be too much fun!

  • Get me one of those little tv sets, I'm going camping.

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