I confess I hate my friends younger brother

He was caught stealing at a young age. He can't seem to quit. My friend is a great guy but his brother has to go. The guy can't keep his hands off of other peoples things.

When he grew up he was caught stealing things out of a department store. He was put on probation and during his probation,he was caught stealing from another store. He was given five years to serve in jail. While on early release on his way to a halfway house he was caught stealing money out of a woman's purse on the bus. He then had to serve out the rest of his sentence in jail.

After he spent five years in jail he was released and was caught inside a neighbor's house stealing whatever he could find. He was sentenced to five more years in jail. This time he served the whole five years.

He was released and was caught stealing a car and in his apartment was found many pieces of stolen jewelry and other items.

He has been given a prison sentence of fifteen years this time.

Its my guess he will be caught stealing again after he's released this time. He had been banished from the county and after his release, he will never be allowed to stay the night here again.

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  • He could be an episode on the Darwin awards

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