Elderly woman

I'm a 65yr old woman. I have not had s** for 5yrs. My husband passed away 5yrs ago. He was a dominant man and liked domination, he made me on our wedding night w*** his best man off. He spanked me.
This was how thing went for 45yrs. He often brought men home and I had to w*** them off and let them s**** on my big t**,he never let the f*** me then he would spank me and f*** me, telling me I was a w****.
I began to enjoy this, as I had to stay at home, and not wear any underwear, I have very large b****** and had to wear white tops so they were on view all the time and when he came home, he would bend me over the table and f*** me.
I miss this and was wondering, if anyone out there would want to f*** and spank me?

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  • Just got a surprise, my 40yr old neighbour called around and on the backdoor step he showed me my post and said is this you, I went blood red and said yes. He just felt my t*** and said kneel, I did in the doorway he got his c*** out and said suck it, I did he told me to w*** it as well, his fat k*** filled my mouth, he said bob you head so I did and I felt it swell, the it erupted s**** into my mouth. It was wonderful.

    He pit his c*** away and said dress like you did for Paul I will be back at 8pm to teach you to f*** like a w****

  • Well I got ready at 7:30pm and opened a bottle of wine and had drank half by 8:00pm when he arrived. I stood with my hands at my side. He walked to me, kissed me and felt my t***, then told me to put my hands behind my head, he ripped my blouse open and mauled my t*** and pulled my fat nipples. He sucked them hard, which made me wet. He spent ages on then, the he felt my cuny and said go and shave your c***, he watched as I did, I soaped it with Paul's shaving brush, it made my big button go rock hard, it stuck out a long way, he said fuch look ay that c*** its huge and took over concentrating the brush on my button, it was too much I said stop but he carried on and my cuny exploded, I screamed with pleasure, it had never happened before. Paul just f***** me, spunked and pulled out and made me was. I was still sat on the toilet, he put his head between my legs and sucked the button, just screamed as I gushed again, then he told me to knell on the bed, he stuck his c*** up me and f***** me, spanking my a*** all the time I kept exploding but he carried on pounding me, till he spunked.
    I was in heaven

  • Mark has given me a red Basque, that my t*** hang over and stockings and told me he has three friends coming round to watch football and he wants me to be half time and post match entertainment, also serve drinks during the game. He has told me they will f*** me and I will suck their c****, I got very excited, he opened my robe, I was naked he rubbed my cuny and my button sprang out, he tugged it roughly then told me to do it, I set on the sofa stroking and pulling it, it hot to much but he slapped my t*** and told me to finish wanking, I did spraying my juice all over my hand, my cuny was on fire, he knelt and f***** me, driving me wild. Ss he f***** me he call me an old s***, w**** b**** and three other men were going to use me as a s**** bucket and one was black, this really got me gushing id never seen a black c*** and know I was hoping to have one up me f****** my white cuny. I c** shouting yes get them all to s**** me, he spunked into me then licked my button till I c** again. He left me legs spread, s**** running out of me and I felt like a lovely s***

  • Well, they arrived, I served drinks on my Basque stockings and suspenders. They all felt me up the one got his c*** out and I strocked him, it was a nice c***, he bent me over the table and f***** me hard, till he c**, in my p****, before I knew it the black guy was up me he had a short fat c*** and c** quickly, then the third. I had three men's s**** running down my legs, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up.
    I sat drinking wine and getting them beer as they watched the game, just before half time, Mark put a collar and lead on me, told me to get on all fours and led me to each one and sucked them off

  • I am more than willing to for full your requirements ben.dexter@ymail.com

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  • Would love to spank you and give you a good f****!

  • What else would you make me do, I have only f*** my husband and wanked men off, he made me lick there s**** off my t*** and I liked the taste.
    I tried to suck my husband off but he called me a w**** and spanked me. He also only f***** me from behind, which I did enjoy as he had a very fat circumcised c***.
    I want to have more experience and c****

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  • Stourbridge uk

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