Went gay for money... Part 2

When I said I would think about it, he automatically threw out a redic amout of money. He said " $5,000 will help change your mind"? ....... I didn't really know what to do, but dang I had too that's a lot of money, I had already started a savings account off this guy and had like 6K in it. So I said yes, just don't take things too far. I went over that night, he had me undress slowly as normal, than he placed a pillow on the floor between his legs and said come over here and get on your knees. So I did, I told him, look... I don't know how to do this. He said that's fine, I will walk you through it, he placed his hands on both sides of my head and directed my head movement, putting my mouth at the base, than saying, lick all the way up, so I did, than saying suck the tip, so I would, than put it in your mouth, and he would carefully guide it in and out, so not to get my teeth, than I laid on the bed, he was really excited about the no condom thing, he didn't massage me this time, he started licking my hole, I was caught off guard and a little weirded out but it felt really good. Than he started fuuuucking me, I could feel his vains on his cooock with no condom on, it felt amazing, it didn't feel like any of the times before! He than lubed my cooock up and was stroking me while he was fuucking me, I came in mins, squirting all over his bed, than he rolled me over and continued, I came again this time squiring all over him, he started moaning, and I grabbed him and pulled him in close as I could at this point I wanted his c**... That's how turned on I was! He came inside me and I could feel his coooock swell and than release, I felt the hott load shoot into me. It was the crazyest thing ever. I again came all over him. He pulled out and I automatically went after his c*** with my mouth, I wanted more, I started blowing him and sucking his b****, he started fingering my c** dripping asssss Untill he shot another load into my mouth, when we where done we were both covered in c**, and exhausted. That is the best s** I have ever had... Still to this day. This continued for about 3 months. He got sick and had to go to a hospital and stay there, I would visit him, and sneak him things he wanted, when it got close to his death I told him I would take his dogs and keep them so he didn't have to worry about them not going to a good home. After he died I was pretty sad. About a month after his death my sister said there was a attorney at her house that needed to see me. I met with him and he left me everything he owned. What a f***** up life story I have. I guess I can never explan how I got any of my wealth to a future wife or kids. Holy f***....

May 18, 2015

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  • I suck c**** for free. So money would just be a plus for me!

  • A guy offered me $2500 for one night in a hotel with him. Lol He would have had to pay me a million. F*****.

  • I've seen crazier... A guy in Florda paid a 18 year old spring breaker guy 20k to let him and his friend f*** him.......... The things broke f**** will do for money couldnt really SUPRISE me anymore...

  • Liar. For $5000.00 he could have had an orgy. Are you sure he didn't just give you $5.00.00?

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