She doesnt know

I never thought of my little sister sexually until I had a very lucid dream about it a month ago. The dream, while exciting, felt weird and wrong. I've thought about it a few times, and while collecting laundry 2 weeks ago, I sniffed some of her dirty panties. The sweet smell is heavenly, but it's the thrill of doing something I know is wrong that turns me on. I stole a pair and sniffed it while masturbating until the scent was gone, but I just switched for a new pair. Last night during a thunderstorm, she came to sleep in my bed because of a tree branch that smacks the outside of the house on windy nights. We were both in full pajamas, and we didn't cuddle. I fell asleep and woke up with the panties(that were hidden under my pillow) missing. I stretched a little, and my sister settled her ass into me a little. I instantly became hard and tried my best to pull it away from her, but I ended up poking her in her sleep and she just moaned. I like to pretend she was awake and liked my d*** poking her. It's supposed to storm again tonight, and if she comes back, I'm going to wait until she's asleep and touch her.

May 24, 2015

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  • Cumin my step sis the first time when she was8 she had a lovely tightpussy

  • I lived with some friends and there daughter would walk around in her skimpy outfits, I did the same thing and took her dirty panties out the wash and jerked off over them.
    them one night I came home late everyone was asleep and she was laying on her bed naked and asleep with her legs apart I could see her sweet v***** in the moon light shining through the window, I could not help myself I bent down and slowly started touching her but took it further and started licking her sweet tasting hole, she woke up I told her it's ok just relax she did I licked her till I shot my c** on her then licked her clean. and left the room

  • I had the exact same experience with my niece except she would sleep with me whenever she came over. Also I didn't have to steal her panties she left them in the bathroom. I had the same idea as you and followed through.

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