I'm ashamed

I was at the park with my girl friend and we were in a giant runnel and there was no one around and we started making out and we layed down and started Stairing in each others eyes and after a while she fell asleep and I was rele horney after making out so when she fell asleep I slowly lifted up her skirt and I pushed her panties over and fingered her she started to wake up so I stopped and she rolled over on her belly and I lifted up her Skirt and took off her panties I spread her legs a little and lifted her weist up a little and I started f****** her I cumed inside her twice I couldn't controll my self when I was done I put her panties back on layed back down with her when she woke up she roled over and she started kissing me when I say something wet on her leg it was my c** I said what is that and lifted up her skirt and she smaked my hand and she said u can't look up my skirt so she looked and she said I must have had a wet dream or something cause I cumed I laughed and she wiped it off with her finger and then I never told her

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  • Fake ass story!!! If you f***** her,she would've woken up!! And,if its true,you didn't use protection! She could get pregnant!! You're a fool!! This confession is wishful thinking,on your part :)

  • You are a rapist. Some women pass out like that and don't remember anything. Hopefully you didn't get her pregnant.

  • Hm, yeah... i find it hard to believe this could happen without her waking up without the effects of alcohol or drugs... perhaps its made up, perhaps you have a tiny unit, but the sake of impartiality, lets just go with everything else being normal.
    Except your behaviour. This is... gah, impartially i dont want to say "wrong", but there's not really another word for it...
    But then, i wonder if she was really asleep... because assuming you are at least averagly endowed, and you hadnt drugged her, then she couldnt possibly sleep through all that. She may have let you do it under the guise of sleep and then not wanted to admit it afterward... if she's as chaste as you make her seem, it would have been the perfect "opt out" for her to later say "he raped me while i slept!" if someone found out (maybe she has a religious father, whatever)
    But still, reading this, i feel it smacks more of a guy trying to show off in some weird, kinda twisted way... shame on you for thinking this could be "cool"...

  • Thought i guess you have titled it "i am ashamed"... so maybe there's hope for you yet. In that case, own up.

  • you must be a small d*** lousy f*** not to wake a girl during s**

  • Wow, you are really pathetic, because either A.) you made that up. Or B.) you raped your sleeping girlfriend, and she slept through it, that's pathetic.

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