I am a high school teacher and have had the same (very attractive) student flirting with me all year. I'm not the type that typically gets hit on so it took me a while to realize what was happening; he just came by my room and talked with me everyday. Eventually, he began finding little ways to touch me and let his hand linger in certain places. I began to love the attention and get excited each day just before he'd typically come to my room. I knew it was inappropriate but never before had I had such a good-looking black man offer me this kind of attention. I wanted him. I had to have him. Recently, he came to my room and told me it was his 18th birthday and, with a sly grin, asked me what I got him for my birthday. Since he's not a student that I teach and it was only three weeks before his graduation, I decided to go for it. In nearly a whisper, I asked if there were anything special that I could give him that nobody else could. He came very close to me, close enough that I could feel his hard c*** in his jeans, pressed against my leg.

I gave him my address and that night he came over and f*cked me in a way I've never been f*cked. His was my first BBC and I rode it all night. I swallowed his c*m and spent the entire night pleasing him and giving him everything he wanted for his birthday.

We now f*ck weekly, a few times we've even found places at school to do it. I'm always terrified I'll get caught, but love the rush at the same time.

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  • You sound like MY wife - - she is white, a teacher and loves BBC

  • You mind sharing your story?

  • Funk that is hot, tell me more.sngagn@hotmail.com

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