Nobody remembered

My birthday was this week. None of my friends remembered. I always remember their birthdays, but I guess I'm not as important to them as they are to me. Now I'm sitting alone in my house, trying to celebrate by myself and failing. There's something incredibly sad about having a birthday cake and nobody to share it with.

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  • That happened to me recently. My birthday was last month. My boyfriend's brother's wife is a genius when it comes to birthdays. That b**** remembers EVERYONE'S birthday (everybody in her family, everybody in her husband's family, & all her friends). She remembers everyone's birthday except mine (not only this year, but every year she's known me). My boyfriend's birthday, his cousin's birthday, & my birthday are all close together. One time that b**** hosted a birthday party to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday & his cousin's birthday at the same time. She had bought two birthday cakes (one for my boyfriend & one for his cousin). My boyfriend had felt bad that she had forgotten to include my birthday, so he went out & bought me a birthday cake (there ended up being 3 cakes instead of 2). That b**** forgot my birthday last month as usual. A few years ago she had surgery and ended up staying in the hospital for one week. I had gone to the hospital to visit her everyday & each day, I had stayed with her for around 6 hours. I was with her in her darkest hours. After everything I've done for that b****, she doesn't even remember my birthday. My mother told me to stay away from that b**** from now on. My mother said that she has a black heart & a black soul. I will definitely take my mother's advice.

  • Happy belated birthday. ?

  • My birthday was the 31st, everyone I know is pretty much dead, I have money but it doesn't bring happiness and I waste my days responding in forums. Oh and I'm dieing. Be happy for your health atleast, but happy b day

  • You are loved

  • Xoxo happy birthday darlin

  • So sorry.
    Happy Birthday.
    I would love to visit and share your cake.

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