Dad's cousins deserve payback

My father and 7 of his 10 siblings were molested by two of their older cousins.. family took them to court and both got. 1yr in jail because the Crimes were committed in 1960s but I don't think the j*** heads a** butts got what they deserved for hurting so many people, family and friends came forward aswell saying they abused them. They should still be in jail and I get the feeling they still abuse children since my dad told me what he really wants is for his cousins to say sorry and apologize for the wrongs they did!!!! They refused in the past when confronted to admit what they did was wrong or say sorry!

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  • At least they have a record and are perhaps on s** offender list. My cousin was molested by her own father and nothing ever happened to him. He died at 85 and he was never punished.

  • Only in America you will get more time for killing a person rather than molesting them. They get out and do the same thing again!

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