Binge eating disorder - in denial

I have binge eating disorder. I have gone to McDonald's and ordered the same meal x 4 only to switch up the drinks and toppings to make it look like it was actually being eaten by 4 different people. Those people? Me, myself, I and binge eating disorder.

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  • I think we all do that sometimes...Just not with crap like McD's... I'd be doubled over in pain for a week.. I have gone to a local deli a few times, ordered the same sub, and, after the first time, joked "Friends of mine are visiting tonight..These are for them".. And gone home and wolfed down the subs.

  • Nothing wrong with that. But I kinda have a fetish for watching it anyway, so I'm not one to give an opinion :p

  • That was not supposed to be a question was supposed to be a heart. Sincerely, a former binge eater.

  • Love yourself. ?

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