Halloween helped me out of the closet

I have always longed to be a girl. I spent all of my free time dressed as a girl. I loved being a girl but I wanted more, I wanted to be with a man and more than anything, I wanted my mother to see me dressed as Joann. When I was 16 I met a guy while hitch hiking who told me he was gay, I told him how I wanted to be a girl & we made plans for him to pick me up on Halloween @ 7:00pm, which was 3 days away. As luck would have it, mom was going out for the evening & asked me what I was doing for Halloween. I told her I had a costume party to go to & didn't know what I was going to wear. Mom left at 5:30, by 5:31 I was in the shower shaving my body. At 7:00 mike pulled up in front of the house and blew his horn, I came out wearing a blue velvet long sleeve mini dress, black sheer pantyhose, blue open toed 3" heels with ankle straps, which showed off my dark red toenails, my just over the ears hair was brushed and sprayed into a feminine style, my makeup was done to perfection, I carried a small blue purse with a shoulder strap and to top it off, I sprayed myself with Charlie perfume. I got into mikes car & he told me I looked very pretty then leaned over and kissed me on the lips. My head was spinning, this felt so right & normal, as we drove, I reached over & rubbed mikes crotch. He put his arm around me & guided my head to his lap. I didn't need no encouragement as I went down on him in his car.I will never forget the feeling I had when he came in my mouth, I loved it, I loved the taste, the feeling of a mans c*** in my mouth, I knew this is what I wanted forever. Mike took us to the mall where we walked around like a normal couple, holding hands & window shopping. Mike asked me if he could buy me something, I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth when I told him yes, he could get my ears pierced & my eyebrows waxed. Mike took me to a saloon & had them wax my eyebrows into a really thin arch, then they pierced my ears & put in 3" silver hoops. Mike then asked me if I wanted to get my nails done, of course I said yes & told the girl I wanted the nails that would stay on for the longest time. When she was done I had beautiful long red nails, while we waited for mike to pay, I wrapped my arms around his neck & said thanks then planted a big kiss on his lips in front of everyone. We left the mall & went to a motel where we spent the wole night having amazing s**. After waking mike with a nice long bj, he asked me what I was going to do about going home looking like a pretty youg girl, I told him that this is how I want to be from now on & Iam going to tell mom that I want to be a girl. When we arrived at moms house, mike got out & opened my door for me, I got out of the car & asked mike to walk me to the door, I took his hand & we walked to the front door. Once there, I put my arms around his neck & kissed him long & deep, sticking my tounge down his throat just then the front door swung open and there stood my mother, my arms still around mikes neck, I stopped kissing him & looked at my mom & said hi mom. Mike said he had to go so I gave him another kiss & told him to call me, I turned to enter the house to see my mother standing there with a surprised look on her face, I opened the screen door & had to squeeze past my mom to get in. She closed the door & said what are you doing? Why are you dressed like that? I walked over to the sofa, sat down & crossed my legs, look at you, mom said is that my dress & shoes your wearing? before I could answer she went on look at your eyebrows, and you got your ears pierced, do you want to be a girl? finally I got a chance to speak, Yes mom, I want to be a girl, I always wanted to be a girl, Ive dressed like this my whole life & I like guys. Mom told me to go upstairs & change, your not a girl. So I went up stairs took a shower & changed, I put on clean pantys & bra, suntan pantyhose, blue denim mini skirt long sleeve pink sweater, blue open toed pumps, bracelets, necklace, moms blue hoop earrings, I re did my hair & makeup put on perfume then downstairs I went. Mom was out in the yard hanging wash, I went out the back door & down the steps, loving the sound of my heels on the concrete, I sat on the third step & crossed my legs, bouncing my foot up & down until mom sees me, I thought I told you to change she said, I did change, I took off your dress & put on this mini skirt I said. You have something wrong with you, mom said, your a sissy. No I told her, I just want to be a girl. You want to be a girl, fine, I'll make you a girl, with that mom came over & took my arm & dragged me into the house. Mom got her coat & got a rabbit fur jacket & threw it at me and said put this on & lets go.I put on the coat & mom ushered me out the door. Where are we going I asked her, you will see she said. we were at the beauty parlor where mom told the woman my sissy son wants his hair colored & cut like a girl.

Jun 1, 2015

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  • Bravo
    Ever since I can remember I felt like I was a girl in a boys body. Long before I was 7 anyway. To this day I still feel the same way but you just gave me the willingness to do what you did and admit it to my mom and see what she does.
    Thank you

  • You have got to let your mother know you want to be a girl, Ive done it, at first my mom did not want to accept it, she tried to humiliate me in front of people thinking I would stop dressing as a girl, she took me to a beauty parlor & had my hair cut in a feminine style & had my hair colored from brown to blond, she told everyone there that I was her sissy son who wanted to be a girl. When we got home, she threw out all of my male clothes, I helped her. After 2 months, mom knew I was never going back to being a boy, I even brought my boy friends to the house so she could meet them.

  • Well done for coming out. It can be difficult. I knew a girl who was a boy on the inside and kept it a secret for over 15years. It was so hard for her. I hope you get the life you want

  • I always was getting caught, from a very early age I would spray myself with moms perfume which was obvious to her, as I grew, I got caught wearing panties & hose, then skirts & nail polish, finally completely made up with pierced ears & thin,arched eyebrows, completely shaved, wearing a mini dress & carrying a purse. My mother would always try to embarrass me in front of friends & family but I knew I was a girl. Mom finally gave in, after hounding her for a month about getting my hair colored & styled, she took me to her salon, had my brown hair lightened and a feminine hair style applied. After that is when I started bringing home boys.

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