hi this is my first confession and i

hi this is my first confession and i need to really vent , I hate my race . I hear all that stuff about racism and what the klan says most of the time , or what other white people say about blacks i thnk is totally true. I want to tell others not to associate with blacks , espeacially the ghetto types, i see what they do to " decent white women and it makes me sick . What kind of life is some guys daughter addicted to crack and willing to destroy her life in the process . I also don't really care for black women at all unless it is the end of the night and i can get them in my car for twenty dollars , to suck me off or do whatever, I would pay more for a white prostitute if there was more of them...I hate that i am black , i hate the fact that i look like the ones i despise, iwant to tell the world not to pity blacks , they will really just use you and smile in your face. I really think if white women are going to date balck men they should date a guy with something going for himself and demand that he work......also i work in the inner city and i am afraid for my life most of the time , sometimes i get so afraid that , i am scared to leave work. i also want to say that this is the first time i felt like i could come out and tell what i really think , it is almost like talking to God.....to be honest i hope most people find out that i wrote this.....

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  • Will Smith is one of my favorite actors. He and Dr. Bill Cosby, along with Oprah and Pres. Obama, provide good examples for young African American men to follow.
    Unfortunately, most of the AA I've encountered or seen reveal such celebrities to be representatives of the exception rather than the norm.
    My biggest issues with AAs are:
    1) Their men s**** up white women. They get them pregnant and dump them.
    2) So much of their so-called music and other forms of entertainment reduce women not only to s** objects, but slutty s** objects. As I recall, popular AA society rejected Will Smith's songs as \\"too White\\" to be cool.
    3) They are constantly encouraging violence against one another and against authorities. To my understanding, they consider being an ex-con a bragging right.
    4) Their crusade against the English language is just awful. So few of them can read or write at even a typical high school level. Furthermore, even fewer of them seem capable of engaging one another in peaceful diplomacy when disputes arise. They employ profanity, physical intimidation and violence far more than words.
    5) On a rather selfish and shallow level on my part, I must confess, I am growing tired of seeing children of black-white parentage. While I consider many Asian and even some Hispanic and Middle Eastern features to be wonderful additions to the Caucasian appearance, I feel sorry for any children who inherit the AA nose, lips or hair, which most AAs seem to be ashamed of anyway.

  • ok people stop slaming black your not against the race your against the very high percentage of the sterotype that thinks they are ganster, Your mad at the people who think they are cool because they are of a different race, The people who think the world is against them because they are that race, but hey if I'm wrong I'm wrong...

  • ye it sux i haet it lol

  • Yes our race is messed up. But we are no more messed up than any other race. The laws and practices of this country are designed to highlight black crime a lot more than any other race. We do have to fight twice as hard for the same result and we do have to so called fight the man. I'm not saying that our excuses are valid. I'm just saying that you can't blame one thing entirely. It's a combination of both. White racism is alive and well today. And even flourishing more than in the civil rights movement because they are doing it in much less discrete ways, like through our finances. But that is particially our fault as the black race because we enable such tatics by spending much more money that we make and not saving anything and becoming a slave to our jobs and society. So you see it's not just the white man oppressing us. It's also us doing it to ourselves. But all in all as a black man I wouldn't want to be anything esle. I love the fact that i'm black and I hate seeing all the bad things we as a race embrace. But there are a lot of good that comes from the black race as well. And that's never publicly stated. All you see on tv is how our black athletes get in trouble for one thing or the other. But you never see anyting about all of the foundations they build or all the things they do for their community. So yes, our race has problems, but no more than any other race. And not all black women are pregnant and ghetto. There are a bunch of classy beautiful black women out there. Just like not all black men are dogs. If I had a choice when i was born. I'd be born me all over again. Because to me it's nothing better than to be a black man.

  • yeah , i kindo f do hate myself , the fact that i am clothed in a skin of a race that for the most part has suferered , but yet as a whole is going down the tubes because of its own pride. I will restate the fact that I feel that white fathers should loathe the fact that their daughter may be dating a black guy ...Also to the lady who is dating a black guy , i don;t know him or think he is all that bad , what i am confesing is what i have seen and my observations on my race their race as a whole. i am all for meaningful chjat and all that but i must say that i draw the line at violence. And it seems to want to do harm to anyone just because one can is wrong ...so let me get that straight right now. I have been to the source and i am saying as much as some would want to patronize the black race , not hold them accountable for their part in the reason so many fear the inner cities is just plain wrong. I don't think those responsible for their lot in life need sympathy but just plain old telling it like it is....

  • You don't hate black people,you simply hate yourself.Get help!

  • ^Unfortunately some do to try to not seem racist, however.

  • ^^^I don't like how you used your wording, "or even the white man". Sounds like they are blaming people who are doing nothing to them and most make sure and want all blacks to have equal rights.

  • ^Exactly, blacks can't be racist either. THIS CONFESSION IS A PARADOX!

  • Well if a black guy said it, I guess it's all true. I'm gonna start hating n****** now.

  • I think poverty , drug addiction , and the whole gambit of excuses most blacks put forth is just that. I hate the lies the loss of innocent lives , but then again i think what positive impact would they of have on life anyways?.....The questions put forth by whites never gets answered so there must be some truth to it....black people look at yourself and then you may see others differently , i think they as a race should stop blaming others .....or even the white man for their lack of anything in their lives.

  • ^^Only the ones who act like n****** are n******. Not blacks as a whole.

  • i say this in response to the post about black women , Beauty is what beauty does , their lack of control over their own lives and the choices they make is theier own repsponsibilty , i get so tired of hearing blacks blaming the white man for all of thier ills , i have not seem many black women producing nothing but gay thugs that hide behind a gun because they really like doing other blacks up the ass. . there is no beauty in being fourteen with a 2 year old illegetmoate child that thinks foodstamps is a right . To me all balck women do is spread thier legs and then expect others like the police , the correstional institution , or society should raise their children.I think if they starved them , or parents in the inner city really had to work to provide for their kids , the ree lunch program would not be a catalyst for them to go out and create more crime , and then shoot or kill other black people , So who are the true racists, and who are killing more black people than black men?

  • Yes, it is racist to call black people n******. . .some people have a lot of hard times and struggles in their lives, so you can't go around calling people names who you don't even know their situation. I bet you wouldn't go into any ghetto in America and start calling people n****** would you a******? And if you did, or if more people like you did, then the world would be a better place, cause you would be exterminated.

  • OP you are confused because that is all you see around you. Don't hate the whole racist because the majority in the ghetto are idiots, there is a reason they stay there.

  • ^How are they racist? Because they used the word n*****? That is the ghetto pieces of trash.

  • ^Ummmm, bringing up Obama is racist. . .reread your post dumbass. . .you are a racist piece of s***

  • Obama has nothing to do with this, I dunno why people would bring him in just because he is black. Racism, I guess. To OP you are black so you would have to hate yourself for it but you don't. Understand you are growing up around the wrong types just know there is a difference between a black person and a n*****. You need to be around more black people, not n******.

  • Dude I understand completely what you are saying. I mean these people are right in the fact that bad people come in all colors but black people are the worse. And I say that because I'm black. I don't, however, agree about the black women thing. They are the most beautiful creatures walking if you ask me. Although they are some of the meanest women as well. I grew up in the hood and I still talk to most of my friends and everytime I ask them about getting their life together they come at me as if I had it easy. As if we didn't grow up in the same neighborhood, and go to the same schools. Most of my friends parents had more money than my parents. I had no money save up for me to go to college. If it wasn't for sports I probably wouldn't have went. But all I'm saying is black people hide behind their choices as if they had no choice but to go through what they did. For instance my friends will say to me, "I didn't have a chance to go to college because I had a kid so I had to work full time after high school" and they get mad a me because I tell them don't blame me for your mistakes. It's not my fault you couldn't wait until you had protection. Or it isn't my fault you got locked up and couldn't play ball. All I'm saying is I know way to many black people not working, commiting crimes, on welfare, on drugs, and they claim that it was the cards they were dealt when actually it's nothing but a series of bad choices they made and now they are living with the consequences of their actions. We as a race need to grow up accept responsibility for our actions and get some resiliance and mental toughness.

    Plus it also annoys me that everytime somebody says something racist about black people on tv they blow it out of proportion (Don Imus, The annoucer who wanted to lynch Tiger Woods) listen to a black hip hop radio station and see how many racial slurs you here go completely un publisied.

  • . . .and maybe if Obama gets elected, it will show some sign of hope to the black community.

  • . . .sorry, I am talking way too much. I just have one more thing. I think the reason why your post struck a nerve is because you seem to be blaming black people in general, when really they are usually born into a cycle of poverty, violence, and drugs. Maybe the government is to blame for refusing to provide better living conditions in their community.

  • Ok, so what makes a white community "better" than a black community? I do not think one community is better than the other, but I do agree that a white neighborhood is safer, or at least it is portrayed that way on the news, right? Maybe the thing that the black community needs is proper education. I live in the suburbs of a big city, and my highschool had a huge library, about 10 different computer labs, small class sizes, salad bars at lunch, and many other luxuries (that I didn't realize were so great at the time). Not only things like that, but they had countless after school programs, in school counseling and support groups, scholarship programs for kids who couldn't afford sports, and community involvement from the students. At the same time I was enjoying these little extras throughout highschool, the schools in the inner-city were being closed due to lack of funding. . .why is that? I mean, our schools are all funded from the state's school account, so why not cut back on some of the programs at my school instead of closing schools in order to meet budget guidlines? Another thing is the family unit of children growing up in the inner city. It is hard enough for anyone to get a job, but try being a young black guy with sagging pants, sometimes McDonald's won't even take them. So, growing up in the hood what do they see? They see that drug dealing is a good business right? Who else has money in the ghetto besides drug dealers and pimps? Young black boys look at these people, and say, wow, I want to be like that. . .and the cycle begins. Where does most of the violence stem from? Drugs? Gangs? Ummm, yes! Maybe if someone took the time to try to clean up the neighborhood, provide some good education and community resources, maybe then the black community would take more pride in their community, and learn (over time) that the government does give a s*** about them. I want to give you one more example as to what I am talking about. Like I said, I live in the burbs, but certainly know my way around the city. There was always this one block that was notorious for drug dealers, and murders. The city officials decided they were going to do something about it, so they started by tearing down all the abandoned houses in the neighborhood, and then proceeded to add triple police forces on that block, they shut down some old businesses, and added new restaraunts and a few parks. Now, going down that block, you would never guess what went on there about 8 years ago. It was a slow process (and not a very big area), but it was a postive change in the community, and it is still all black people that live there.

  • how can I say this, I am not classifying all black people or african americans. the ones you metoned are the ones that should be the models for at least some of the behaviors , I would think if you really wanted to know more about your guy try and get into counseling beefore you marry and you will open up a can of worms , i have read posts from blacks against some of the racist s*** that goes on , and all they can talk about is the great inventors of the past , i ask , what are black people doing lately to better thier communtities? Don't you find it odd that only old people are talking about being able to live safely in their commmuntiies ? the ones you mentioned probalby feel shamed that we have to focus on them while The late Tupac persited in calling women whores and deamnoning them the way that he has, beleive me i have talked to some " enlightened African Americans , wh o have read the history of our race , and they feel like it should really be imploded , changed and make way for the next genration of americans.....i know it is a lot of slef hate but is the truth any less reasonable no matter the excuse for all the crime?....

  • I can totally see your point, but you can not generalize an entire race and put them into one category. . .Oprah, Barrack Obama, Nelson Mandella, and countless others do not fit that mold. . .so I can see your point, but I have to point out the fact that not all black people are like that. You may not be surprised, but I am a white woman and my fiance is black. He is probably one of the ones you are talking about too, as far as the baggy pants and ebonics. . .but he is a good person, and I KNOW he would never hurt me. However, when you said: "don't know the first thing about being kind unless they are dating a white woman AND she has told him or shown him the love that he deserves," I understood completely (although I don't think the woman has to be white to show him love). It took me a long time to get my man to open himself up to the love I was ready to offer, I kinda felt like he thought he didn't deserve what I was offering. Also, given the fact that his father was never around and his mom died when he was young (after coming out of a serious drug addiction, she had 2 years sober, and died of breast cancer due to insufficient medical coverage), so I think that aome of the problems that the black communtiy has to struggle through goes unnoticed because they are in the "ghetto" so no one takes the time to care.

  • I am sorry , I am balck , I can pass and hear the things they say, I am specifically interested int the black race because i am balck....be the horrible things other races have done as they may but where does the pressure come from? it is one gettin tired of being bullied....the black race is f***** up , i mean they have no direction and don't know the first thing about being kind unless they are dating a white woman AND she has told him or shown him the love that he deserves and that he doesn't have to treat her badly to love her....every thug that i have met is a closet homosexual in my book , the whole saggy pants thing makes me sick that is so prison mentlaity , i grew up around black people , i am not ignorant nor arrogant , i know that if i can go back to school and change my ways anyone can......i don't hate black people , but i am ashamed of them , whenever a white person will come into my store , they are so poltie and so reassuring that i am safe, i just hate feeling like i should be subjected to so much verbal abuse ,and that when i am trying to treat others the way i want to be treated.....they don't care about where they are headed or where their children are headed ....at least white people are kind....

  • Bad people come in every color. . .so it is totally wrong to say that one specific race is soooo horrible. It is not about a black man being a thug or a white man being a serial killer, it is about people in general sometimes just being "bad people". There is only one black serial murderer that I know of (in the USA), and the s** offender list (in my state) is overcrowded with white men. An asian immagrant just shot up Virginia Tech. I mean, I can understand how you would feel if you only live around black people, and only see them behaving badly, but look at a broader spectrum, and you will see all races have messed up people.

  • what can i say , I see it everyday, it is so sad....i see the way they harass my co- workers for doin their job, and i just heard last night that because another black person was working security , and was being kind they went and broke his jaw with a trash can, ...

  • I don't even know what to say to this confession. It upsets me more than any incest or s***** pants confession I have seen on this site.

  • i am so sorry , but i don't accept what you say is true, i have been insituations where inocent blacks as thuggsih as they seem to be and unafraid are just cowards, iw ould invite you to see what goes on and how they act, it is sad and i feel like crying ....i see so much that they don;t want you to know , i look at black women and i wish they would just use birth control , the kids are coming up to live like out and out animals, is is truely sad, and i know before long the black race will cease to exist....

  • Pity that such a post is required because of certain realities. I blame blacks for much of what you say but I also blame whites for manipulating society from ignorance. There truly is no differece in the humaity of a black or white, just the social norms we find ourselves.

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