Caught by the wife

"What are you up to?" I say.
"Nothing much." Says my neighbor.
"Come over and lets play." I say.

My neighbor is gay and we have been playing for the past year. Started off super secret and only late at night and at his house. I would only go over there when I worked a closing shift. I would park around the corner and walk in through the back door. This last week we got naked 5 times. Wife was in her chick den watching Netflix. I walked over wearing just black basketball shorts. No tshirt and no underwear. Walked in through the front door. We got naked right in his living room. We have had a few threesomes with gay friends of his.

So three days ago, I ask him to come over. We have had s** in my house before. No big deal. Wife was grocery shopping. Waited an hour to make sure she didn't make a quick trip. He comes in and I'm already naked. I strip him naked and we make out. He pushes me to the couch and starts sucking my d***. He has a magic mouth. Much better at giving head than my wife. Can make me c** in minutes. Then he bends me over the couch and starts f****** me. God I need it too. Love having his d*** in my h**** ass. A beautiful 9 inch long c***. This is the 4th time in 5 days he has f***** me. Each time it gets much easier and feels much better.

So he is f****** my f***** ass. I mean pounding it. I'm moaning like a good little b****. My wife walks in. "Oh. Didn't think I would see this. Thought I would catch you j**********. That would explain the lack of s** drive lately. Well, guess I don't have to go grocery shopping as often." I say, "What do you mean?" She says, "You two can keep f******. I just don't have to say I'm getting groceries when I'm really riding James (a coworker).

Jun 9, 2015

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  • Errrrrmen on men


  • Give fakey katey everything she wants and love bomb her face off. that is all people have been doing to her all along, only she is too dumb to see that meg is her mirror image ! gluttony girls two of a kind.

  • Shut up r***** and take your medication

  • You sir got me off his morning, thanks for the post.

  • Im not a fa g like you are. But your story sounded hot.
    You think your wife is willing to join you?

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