It's so fuuny how this world revoles on

It's so fuuny how this world revoles on the things people think they need and what they think is cool. People are so stupid thinking their the s*** cause they do what everyone else is doing or what they think is right. People need to learn how to live a life of their own. Try it you might like it. Idiots.

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  • I'm happy,I'm open minded and
    I don't profess,to know life's answers.

  • L**** "illiteratre?" lol you got a blackberry, well you need a speak and spell before you use that s***. Why are you calling that guy a dumbass, he was being nice, I'm the one insulting your stupid ass. Worldview means how you look at the world, lol its part of how you make your opinions. People make opinions based on their worldviews, lmao everyone here seemed to know that but you. No buttons being typed? How the h*** did your last post get here, magic? lmao you have to be stupid, your calling people idiots for wanting material s*** and your bragging about having a blackberry! F*** you can't even defend yourself shitstain and you know it! F*** I give up you call yourself out on your own bullshit.
    Oh btw I'm super hippie you f***! lmao you can't even grasp sarcasm!

  • Wordview you dumb ass,no try a personal opinion. And your mom needs to smack your retared ass around, your still running your mouth and no buttons being pushed here. Cause I know what I said and I could careless what your mindless self has to save. And you are probably a lot more inmature than me. And illiteratre? I'm f****** typing on my beautiful blackberry my grandparents got me. Sorry the buttons are a little small. And yeah baby peace and love.hug those kittens. Free hugs and veggie burgers...

  • ^No, thats a child speaking as though they have some answer to things they really don't understand at that age. I'm sure she(or he) recently read a book or talked with someone who opened their worldview a little. Thats great! The problem is they decide that this is the only worldview that is important, that the way they see things is the only way it works. People hate when conservatives, people who have narrow minded religious outlooks, and other jerks espouse their way as the only right way. Read the OP post again. That is amazingly condescending, to have someone preach to you then insult you? Maybe this is the way you enjoy being talked to, but obviously these people didn't appreciate it. I don't either.
    The OP has a huge arrogance problem, much like I'm feeling off of you, h***, you may be the poster.
    When you present an idea to people in a condescending way, you get negative results. These people responded in a crude way, but I completely understand the reaction.

  • Who's the adult here. It seems like the 17 year old is more mature.

  • Awww dudes, stop the fightin! We gotta harmonize to make the world sing about love! peace and love man! No one is unique unless they think the way I do man! peace and love and hug kittens! peace out man!

    Super Hippie

  • ^I think you're just pushing his buttons, its kinda funny that its working.

  • ^That is speaking my mind you insignificant j******! Half twice my age? Arfuing? Good for you, your mommy spoils you, you shitstained spoiled brat, she needs to smack you in your mouth every now and then to teach you some respect, you moron, you pusbucket piece of s***! How about learning the language before you start arfuing(lol arfuing you illiterate scum) with someone else. Get lost.

  • I do know what it means to be poor and I happen to know the value of a buck you piece of s***. How couldn't you. And my mommy does get me what I want and she's poor. And why the f*** am I arguing with you? Your sitting here arfuing with someone probably half twice of your age. You need to grow up and find another hobby. You supposed to speak your mind here not judge people for what they feel f****** s*** head..

  • ^Oh wow you're 17? Well f*** me you must have all the answers to the f****** universe you hypocritical garbage! 17? Well why don't we vote you f****** president? I'm a lot older than you, you stupid son of a b****, you don't know the value of a buck, if you got to upper s*** class then mommy and daddy knew the value of a buck. just shut up. No, I know you were poor? you even know what it means to be poor douchebag?

  • Um. I'm 17 and live in a upper middle class neighbor and get things I want. And it's funny how people wear abercrombie and hollister which I do and the people that rub it in the poor or low class people. So no protest just how people get treated cause they can wear these types of clothes. And I was poor when I was younger and know how that feels you f****** idiot, you probably have lot's of money coming from your f****** daddy and buy's you what you want cause your such an inicent piece of s***.. F****** r*****. You need to learn the value of a buck..

  • ^AGREE!!!!!

  • Grow the f*** up OP, you're either a 15 year old dumbass who is trying to be rebellious, or some s***** trustafarian who has money and has no idea what the other side is like. I'm so sick of a******* like you talking this s***, unless you start a revolution, I mean a real revolution, not some p**** protest s***, shut the f*** up and sit down. Stupid little kids like you never know what the f*** they're talking about, you piece of worthless s***!

  • You can blame advertising for a lot of that. Why else would someone work 50 hours at a job they hate, earning minimum wage, then blow all their money on a set of 20" rims and a pair of $200 sneakers? People definitely have some f-ed up priorities.

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