I'm 16 and I lost my virginity to a boy

I'm 16 and I lost my virginity to a boy I've never talked to before, and we dont talk even after we had s**.
I lost my best friend because of this. She's had s** a million times before me so I'm not really sure why she's so p***** off at me for.
I really have a thing for my best guy friend. He's so amazing he makes me melt whenever I'm with him, yet he thinks we're just friends. I want to be much more than friends but he just wants to be my friend because he thinks it would be awkward if anything was to happen between us but I just want his hot body :)
I smoke so much weed lately and I really like it, does that make me a bad person?
This summer has changed my life.

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  • It's fine, plenty of people have their first sexual encounters that way. It doesn't have to be a big deal. As long as you didn't get pregnant, all is well. And I would say go after your friend, but make sure not to take it too fast, and use protection ;3

    As for the weed, you could do much worse. Some people use it to improve their creativity, or to ease aches and pains. It has a lot of uses. Use it for whatever you want. Just don't be stupid about it, hm?

  • Don't feel too bad. Much worse could have happened like getting pregnant by this guy you didn't talk to. You are only 16 and are just beginning to make mistakes. So check it, your best friend, if she really is your best friend, will be back and if she never comes back say so long friends come and go. As for the guy you like. Try letting him know how you feel and see what happens. But most importantly, at 16, get an education. You have plenty of time to have fun and chase guys when you are working and making money in your new career. Yeah I know it's the summer but still stay focused. As for the weed, I wouldn't recommend you keep that habbit.


  • Don't feel bad. . .I did a lot of "bad things" in highschool and middle school. I lost my virginity (and started smoking weed) during the summer before 9th grade. I grew up, and turned out just fine. I still smoke on a daily basis, and I still have s** (with my boyfriend), and I work full time and go to school, I have my own place and car, and I have most of the nice things I desire in life. If you are 16 and you like to smoke, you should get a job, so you can have your own money and do what you please with it.

  • ^I really, really hate this guy.

  • You are a w****, I have a song for you to clean your spirit.

    Lord of sun and lady moon
    Bright at night and bright at noon
    See my offering, hear my call
    Lord and lady guard us all.

    Sky god an, earth goddess ki
    All do honor unto thee
    Spread your seed upon the ground
    Bring forth life fecund and round

    Holy queen of living things
    She whose bloom the summer brings
    Bless us lady give us cheer
    As we wander through the year

    Royal shepherd, mountain king
    Lofty bull of whom we sing
    Fill our bowls with waters sweet
    Spread the seeds of corn and wheat

    Bless our lips and bless our breast
    Guide us gently to our rest
    Bless our sheep and bless our corn
    Ease our grief when we must mourn

    Sing the song and join the rite
    Praise the day and bless the night
    Thank the gods for what they bear
    Earth and water, fire and air.

    - Hestacley Tairs

  • Do you mind not using other people's religious rites with which to be an a******? To the OP, please excuse this nonsense. -- Love from a pagan who recognizes this rhyme and knows it has nothing to do with s***-shaming or moronic trolls.

  • Marijuana isn't "as bad" as alcohol/nicotine.

    Do you you consider people who enjoy alcoholic beverages as "bad people"? If not, then I don't see why you should consider yourself as one. Regardless, it is your view of yourself at the end of the day which determines if you believe yourself to be a "bad person".

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