my flaps are abnormaly large and i need

my flaps are abnormaly large and i need surgery on reducing them because im too humiliated to have s** otherwise. im a virgin. and wanting s**. badly. i want to see a doctor but its farrrrrrrrrrrrrr too humiliating. what to do?

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  • Leave them the f*** alone. You are not large. Google 'large l****' or something. You are in the majority.

    But really, flaps? Nice choice of terminology. Do those flaps have the naked lady's profile, or "Keep On Truckin'" on them?

  • Fold them in to a p**** and insert them in to you.

  • I think the poster has done her(or his) research since her v***** dentata story.

  • WTF Are flaps???? You mean p**** lips?

  • see the doc. i'm sure he's seen worse. he does this for a living. he won't out you-there is patient confidentiality laws that don't allow him to. also, how do you know they're abnormally large? some guys like this sort of thing...

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