Me and my frat brothers have a game

Me and my frat brothers have a game where we try to find new ways to humiliate some of the desperate dumpy girls at our school. The more creative you are the better. Once we told this freshman girl that we could help her get into our "sister" sorority if she would just participate in our initiation rites. She ended up sitting on her knees in our basement with a blindfold on while every guy in the fraternity lined up to slap her face with our c****. Little did she know we were filming the whole thing, and it ended up online for the whole school to see! After that she could never get into any sorority on campus. She could get a date pretty easily though.

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  • ^^^ i agree testacles!

  • Some day some group of dudes are going to slap you in your face with their d**** just before they shove it up your ass.

    Harry Testacles

  • Sometimes, I think you should just give people a chance. I mean, if they are that desperate, the last thing they need is for someone to humiliate them like that. You may have easily ruined her life. I want you to remember that.

    - Hestacley Tairs

  • You're a really great guy.

  • ^I know! Who would want to join a fraternity when they are just known for accepting idiots.

  • thats terrible!!

  • ^^Don't let him know it makes him lower then her. He might just not believe it and keep thinking highly of himself even though he is trash. We wouldn't want that, would we?

  • Did any of you feed it to her? THAT would have been hot!

  • Well, that certainly makes YOU better than THEM, doesn't it.

  • OMG That is messed up. But the girl probably deserved it for being so stupid and for wanting to join a gay fraternity anyways.

  • That is horrible... but still really freaking funny.

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