Am i ugly?

I heard boys talking at school about a girl i know, and thought was attractive, and they were talking about how ugly she is and how she looks like a broken barbie. Its made me feel so self conscious and aware of my flaws that im constantly pulling myself down. Im also going on a schol trip with the three most attractive girls in my school and im terrified becasue they all have the thin perfect figures which are accepted by society whereas I don't. Ive been talking to a boy for a while now too but when i see him at school he looks away is he embarrassed to show any signs pf interrest towards me? Is it just all in my head? I dont know what to do and end up being so scared and self conscious about being around the people im my school now.

Jun 18, 2015

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  • I wish society and people in general didn't make girls feel this way about them selves. The girl I'm in love with is not what society would consider beautiful she isn't thin she doesn't wear makeup she had acne problems for a while. But when I look at her I see the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. I cannot be with her and I know she will never feel the way I do but she is beautiful and I love her with every fiber of my being. You need to as hard as it is accept that you are beautiful too. You may not be a playboy model but neither are most people and at least as far as I'm concerned the scrawny bag of bones look doesn't do it for me any way. You will find someone that sees you for the beautiful person you are I promise you. Please don't develope a hatred of yourself or your looks based on the hateful or mean spirited things some a****** teenagers said.

  • For me it's just awkward having someone that i like stare at me so when our you connect I look away... so my guess is that he likes you but its to awkward for him to say something... try flirting with him and if that doesn't work ask him out maybe

  • Everyone has a different standard for what they find attractive but a few immature boys get together to talk about girls and it can get ridiculous. One boy decides he doesn't like brunettes and the rest can just start agreeing in order to follow the pack.

  • Beauty is confidence - and being comfortable in your own skin!

    My son dates a girl who is not skinny and I notice he'll run out the door if she is around - but he is painfully shy and will hardly talk to her .

    Think positive thoughts - NEVER let people's opinions get you down.

    You are what you think you are - so remember you are Beautiful!

  • Do you honestly think you're ugly? Answer that question while not comparing yourself to models or those "attractive" girls in school. Just look at yourself. Do you think you have a pretty smile? Or maybe pretty eyes? And if you do, say it. There's nothing wrong with saying it. I used to be scared of calling myself pretty because I didn't want to seem conceited, or maybe because deep inside of me I could hear voices saying, "No, you're not". Those voices came from people who thought I wasn't pretty when I had others who thought I was. Just like those boys who don't think the same as you about that girl. Unfortunately, I chose to listen to those voices that said I wasn't pretty. Don't make that mistake. Everyone is unique in their own way, and you got to be proud of who you are. Don't let that boy you're talking to bring you down. You're beautiful in your own way. Tell society "F*ck your standards. You ain't not even that good."


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