I Want Bi-racial Babies With a Domestic White Woman

I sit around and imagine having about 4 kids with a calm,beautiful,motherly white woman,probably in her late 20s to early 40s.I picture her being of a domestic nature, in that she enjoys taking care of herself,her home,her children and husband.She loves to cook and make a home look presentable,takes kids places,arranges for almost everything in the home to run smoothly.Does not waste money and knows to shop only for what is needed and necessary.Is kindhearted considerate,realistic,God fearing,and friendly to people.She may work or not,is submissive and totally devoted to me, our kids and my black kids.In return,I love her completely,adore her,do for her whatever she wants and treat her like the queen she is.Just a dream of a divorced 50 year old black guy.

Jun 18, 2015

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  • It's just a shame the no one likes mixed race kids!
    They're just so ugly,and living proof that you shouldn't mix colours

  • I think you may be making a lot of us married white gals wet! :)

  • Please,allow me to enjoy all the wetness I am creating between your legs:).U just made me smile and crave you!

  • No "maybe" about it! He really IS making us wet!

  • I wanna see and feel how wet you are,not because I don't believe you,but because I know your wetness will make the two of us moan in pleasure:).Thanks.

  • when i married my husband i had never been with a black man. then i got seduced by a black and after he had done me only one time i went to my husband and just told him that i had cheated and i was going to keep cheating because black d*** is so much better than white d***. bigger thicker longer hotter longer-lasting and more c** (MUCH more c**). i told him he could divorce me if he wanted but he would never get me off of the black d***. never. he was hurt by my actions of course but he finally gave in and said he would stay. that was four years ago and i am still going strong with my black man. now.......i will have to consider getting him to f*** a baby into me.

  • Very hot,more and more white women are doing exactly that, and many are going as far as having multiple bi-racial kids, and having those kids raised by the white husband. I pray you have yours by march,2016.

  • You are so right.....LOTS of white women -- and lots of MARRIED white women -- are hooking up with black men and having their babies within the white marriage. I know two married white females right NOW that are pregnant with black babies, one in her early 20s and another in her early 40s (if you can believe that last one!!! OMG!!!!!!). When it first started happening I thought it was just a societal phase or some kind of fad. But it has just started happening more and more. Also, when it first started happening, I thought it was really an awful thing. Now, I almost can't think of anything sexier.

  • Its becoming much more common partly because women are so much bolder and empowered now that they view marriage as a partnership,a phase,transition...,and not some sort of everlasting contract.They know divorce is there if things don't work out.They also know that if a guy has a kid or so,and things go sour, he will probably pay child support.Some women know that due to their earning power, they can take care of a kid very well without a man's help.Yet others know that hubby loves them so much he cant do without,so they take advantage of that,cuckold him and do whatever they please, with his support and tolerance.There is a strong desire for good black men by some white women and more so married ones.They are not at all concerned or scared that they will have a bi-racial child,they just want the man,the love,the s**,the baby and whatever else, regardless what hubby says and thinks.This has been going on for ages,but I think its brought to light more due to the media exposure it receives.Personally,If a married woman wanted my child and she looked like she would for sure be a good mother,I would not say no.Not because I disrespect her marriage,but because she is going to get the baby from someone other than hubby anyway and it might as well be me!

  • Total agreement^^. The urge is especially pronounced in married white women. In days past, white women were routinely cheating, of course, but it was mostly with white men. Or when they ventured outside Caucasian partners, they would ALWAYS use protection. But as ^this^ erudite gentlemen points out, nowadays, married white women are far more likely to date black men, and far more likely to do so out in the open, and to take no precautions against pregnancy (some actively SEEK pregnancy). Some of them, as he says, are doing that not just because they don't care about repercussions, but also because they want to humble their husbands into submission. Finally, FINALLY, women have realized that they have all the p****, and having the p**** means controlling the marriage. It's about time.

  • Very true,lol.The enormous power of p**** can create or destroy kingdoms.

  • I would love to make your dream come true but I doubt my husband would approve. LOL :)

  • Please,talk to your hubby and see what he says.I am very sure he will say yes and want to know all about it or enjoy seeing you have fun and balloon up for 9 months.If he says no,then I will just knock you up and we can make him an offer of helping you raise the baby so that he doesn't lose you to me.Let me know what he says because I know you want this more than he does, and thanks:)

  • I'm a married white woman that fantasizes about interracial relationships. Good luck to you!

  • Thank you so much. Don't fantasize,make it real.I have dated married women and it was a blast:)

  • A lovely dream. I hope you achieve it.

  • Thanks much.I will be the happiest man on earth if I happen to achieve it:)

  • Are you rich?, because kids are expensive!

    I can't imagine bearing children at the age. Of 50 unless I was Angelina Jolie!

  • Am not rich,but where there is a will there is a way:)

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