My gay adventure

This dates back in 2009 when I was 15 years old.I have studied in a boys only school for 17 years of my life.I don't really have many female friends as most of them live around my neighbourhood.I have often found myself wondering whether I might be interested in guys and have always been curious about it.

Then came the day when I met another "Gay".To start off it was not apparent or anything until this dude who sits next to me in class starts to unzip his pants and take out his circumcised p**** and starts stroking it.Here I am sitting next to him stealing glances at his p**** which is so different from mine as I'm uncircumcised.His hard erect d*** points 90 degrees as he calmly strokes it,his eyes on the teacher and one of his hand stroking his hard d*** while the other on the table.
The seats weren't individual it was one long bench where it would be comfortable for three guys and one long table which can be shared.That one row only consisted of me and him which was advantageous for him and the fact that we were in the corner row in class made it even more advantageous for him to take out his d*** and do something daring like that.So as days went by he would do this frequently for an hour or two at his own convenience and sometimes I would wonder how it would feel if I just touched it one day.

After a week of frequently stroking his d***,there was another guy whose place got changed in class and he was made to sit in our row next to this "gay" which was on his right and I was on his left.I was a bit happy as this guy now sitting next to me in class would not dare to do what he use to do for the past week.To my surprise he did and I thought for sure this other studious guy on his right would sure freak out and complain about this gay behaviour but I was shocked as the guy who just moved in started stroking his d*** and soon the other guy's zip was open and each other's hands were on either d****.
This lasted for a week until that studious guy got his place changed again and moved out but this time I helped the "gay" stroke his d*** after that other guy left and soon my uncircumcised d*** was out its shaft being pulled up and down for my pleasure during class hours.

Soon this led to us striping each other in the common toilet completely naked and stroking each other.This lasted for 3 days until I felt completely guilty about the whole thing and I told him "sorry man I can't do this anymore".Got my place changed the following day and went next to a guy I found cute but nah nothing happened and I finally put an end to all this.I am 21 now and yes I do occasionally think of the really cute guys probably pick 1/100 but it's all wild fantasies I keep locked up in my head.
Thanks for reading,please share your thoughts below.Have a great day!

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  • Do it with another woman besides her.

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