Want in the park

This past summer, I stopped off by a local public park near where I work. Being that it was shortly after 7am, there were no children around and mostly older women going for their morning walk.
On this morning, I changed into a pair of loose fitting nylon jogging shorts ive had since the 80's, being yellow and with the mesh removed from the front, I might as well wear nothing as everything is visible.
As I sat back on the bench, I began stroking my d***. It was nice and hard, and starting to get a little precum showing.
That when a lady id been watching walks right across my path, with her little dog. Although her face has issues. She has a rock hard body. In the past when I'd see her, I'd put my d*** away, but not today.
Instead, I slowed my stroking as she approached. And, for some reason her little dog came right to me and started sniffing my leg. She and I made eye contact as I was sliding my hand can to expose more erect c***. She looked down and told her dog, I know, I know, stopping literally right in front of me not three feet way as I stroked my d***. Just as she was about to walk away with dog on leash, I shot my heavy load. She smiled and wished me a good day. I've not seen her again, but the city installed security cameras a short time later.


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