When I see caucasian females, it is like I am seeing Goddesses. Being an asian, I really admire them especially the hot ones. I admire the way they wear their clothes and how they carry themselves, it is really far from the girls in my country. My friend in Canada sent me a pic of his boss' daughter, d*mn, she's hotter than the the female stars here. I really hope I will experience being with one someday. One of my fantasies.

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  • I'm Caucasian, and I feel the same way about Asian women. I can't get enough of them. Everyone is different, I guess.

  • Lol. Nothing wrong with getting a blonde h*****. For the most part. White girls dont find Asian men attractive. Im Asian and I been with different races but prefer Asian woman. Maybe because they know our culture and know where we are comming from. Im an American and I know the Anglo culture. Americans just like bbq, drink, and fu ck. Not much culture in that right? Being that you are not from America. I think you just have an infatuation with white girls. Why do you think white guys like asian girls. To me, they are nothing special. Just more liberal and down to fuc k than the traditional asian girls. Puss y is puss y. They are all the same. Some good. Some bad.

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