I love him...

I love you, Ben. You have no idea how much I admire you...and wish you knew.

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  • Thanks for all the advice! I would tell him if I could, believe me. I admire him only from a distance, and we hardly get to see each other. Everything I know about him is perfect, and I keep hoping that someday things will open up in front of us and give us an opportunity to change things.

  • Is he close enough (relationship-wise) to you that you could send him an anonymous note telling him how you feel. Then after he receives the note and tells you about it, ask him what he thinks about it. If he responds positively, you could always then say, "I sent that to you." You might just be surprised. Or is there some reason why you two can't be together.

  • Aww this is so sweet. I think you need to tell this Ben how you feel. If he accepts you, that's great. If he rejects you, that's okay too. At least you know you tried.

  • Sadly, we can't tell our unknown lovers the truth, it's because of feeling embarrassment, also, it is mostly because we can't take a rejection that will make us lose our selves, so that, we will take the other choice, that is the right time.

  • I feel how you do about somebody. Wish I could tell him too. Why can't we tell them????

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