Dear read dr ea matt your heart matters to me

Hi matty, I just want to tell you i love you and people may try to keep us apart but I hope that in time you will love me as a friend or more as my heart has been welcoming you with rejoice from the day I met you. i want to be in your arms and loved by you and i do trust you and i dont understand what happened but in time i hope you will tell me what and help me. i love you and hope you love me. please protect me from richard the spoiler of our true love and take away this mans hate from our paths lord. hi you are a wise friend this guy is stalking me and I keep saying that i am still have a
crush on my gyno and i want him to stop stalking me i wrote to police but they wont do
much. what you think i should do? how do i stop this old
man abusing me? i am worried he is trying to make me sick. I dont like his sexual abuse
on a site and I am struggling in that i still am inlove with my gyno til i find someone
else. this guys comes across evil and i am worried he is making me sick. and while it says
that we can not serve two masters - i have many friends who are not masters but friends
not to serve or bully or anything can you advice me on how to handle this guy. he is being
abusive to me. i dont like him he is too old for me. he knows i know it. my parents know
it. at least my gyno is about my age someone is abusing me and upsetting me mike how do i
stop this crap? advice please you have children what would you advise. this guy richard is
a d******* and not for me. last night i went to bible reading session and i felt upset by
a few things that were said and there was 3 german people there and 1 asian lady and i am
not racist but i felt like i was being psychicly bullied. i dont like n*** abuses or
jewish abuses or these children of the sun and the silly things i hear the deli lama say
that dont make sense and people praise this man and he sometimes talks silly rubbish. and
i am christain and spiritual but dislike his rudeness towards white australians.
i feel lost with out the love of my gyno for some reason i feel a bond i want to see him
again desperately and care for him deeply how do i confront these 4 issues...

1- i feel abused by this richard person and want him to go away
2- in love with my gyno but i am permitted to see him at his work anymore but hope to
socially some day soon.
3- feeling hurt over bible talk
4- nasty words of dela lama upset me in australia he talk down at us white people as if we

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