Mother In Law

My mother had 5 kids and truly wiped her feet and s***** on us till we got of age and left. 3 of us tried committing suicide as a way out. 1 brother accomplished his mission at 27yrs, in 2014 because our childhood f***** him up really bad. Well I've got a son who's 20yrs and has been with my for 19yrs. Thinking my MIL (mother-in-law) who knew about my childhood, would at least be decent towards me. Oh h*** no, she's a passive aggressive, perfect attendance church going,evil,nasty little funky, bald mouth and head witch b****!!! She gave me pure ass uncut coke h***, for 14yrs, with no misunderstanding of her words or actions. Since then, the past 5yrs has been manageable but things could be better. She has 3 sons, 1 is a divorced 47yrs that she favors, controls and is still sucking on her sour, floppy ass banana titty.Plus MIL really favored and loved his wife, she made it no secret. Well the ex wife rubbed her ass across the face of both of them on her way out the door. The other son is 46yrs ( she had them 9mnths apart) and has been married to a woman for 22yrs that noooobody by blood or marriage side, of the family likes cause she's a messy boots s*** stirrer.Then I married the baby boy, who's 37yrs old. His farther has been married to the MIL for 38yrs.Both of my husband parents are 65yrs.You'd think she would get her s*** together since with in 10yrs or so she'll be sitting in Gods waiting room. She just traded bullets for rocks to throw and if you blink you'll miss it.

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