Naked exibition freak

That I love to be a naked little show off. My fantasy is to get whacked out high on coke and walk in public for hours shaking my hot little tight ass without getting into trouble but being humiliated and dominated like a piece of meat b**** boy. I like to power smoke naked until my fully shaved and tan body is euphoric and my numb d*** is turtle head scared and tiny so I feel like a b****. When that happens it makes me want to streak and get caught and abducted. My captors would enslave me and p*** me out at parties. An unlimited access to booze and caine would fuel my volentary submition and enjoyment and I'd get so high that I'd wear nothing but knee pads and a*** lube. I want to suck the f*** outta some juicy c**** and be pounded doggy style raw, spanked, hair pulled, and face f***** until the j*** oozes out of my raw throbbing gaping a hole and I'm too sore to walk. I'd be so full from slurping and gulping yummy goo that I'd burp c** bubbles as I crawl thru the laughing audience of lesbians spitting on me and slapping my ass cheeks. Finally after recharging with some smooth shots and monster blasts every woman there would lick my streached out body simultaneously as one by one they face f***** my tongue and mouth with their shaved c**** until squirting and soaking me head to toe. The Crusty End!

Jul 2, 2015

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  • Thanks for that, you disgusting weirdo

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