A relationship that changed me

It started off great. Her and I were both really happy with each other for a pretty long time. But at some point through it I felt like I was getting dragged so I thought about splitting it up. But she had all these horrible things happen to her so quick. Two of her best friends was put into mental hospitals, another friend of her moved out of the country. Her dad and stepmom almost divorced and she was really upset about that. All of this happened within at least 6-7 months, There are some other things but these were probably the worst. I couldn't bring myself to telling her we should split because of all the crap going on in this point of time. She really needed comfort and someone to count on. If I were to leave her at this point who knows what she would be like.

Long story short we just couldn't function as a relationship and so she broke up with me before I could even think about it. We dated for a little over a year. The very next week I find out that she is dating another guy. A guy who is probably more selfish than me, because he ended up leaving her for someone else. She pretty much got a taste of her own medicine but that didn't change anything. Ever since I saw the betrayal happen I felt like being in love was just a lie, so much that when I got into another relationship a while later, she felt like I wasn't being there for her. I was playing the whole thing too safe. Relationships to me are just a scary feeling and it gives me trust issues that I wish I don't have. I don't want to be even near her again, but I still have this huge back lash that I can't get rid of

Jul 2, 2015

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