I had my firstborn when I was 20. Then my 2nd at 21. Both out of marriage. This is not done where I'm from and being a young mum was very shameful in my family. I left work and became a homemaker. Then my boyfriend left me and I was a single parent for 8 years. My family eventually excepted this and became very supportive. I got a new boyfriend whom everybody loves and he loves my children as his own as the father disappeared years ago.
The problem is ive just found out in pregnant again. I'm petrified of telling my family. They will never believe it was an unplanned mistake. I'm afraid they will just think of me as some baby machine. I'm really not. I adore my children with all my heart but i never wanted children.
I'm going to be heartbroken when i see that look in their eyes again. Even tho I'm 30 now it makes me feel like a stupid teenager again.

Jul 3, 2015

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  • Have this baby, and find a birth control that fits you. If it feels right, get married and raise your blended family together. Provide the best life you can for you and your children,whether this guy sticks around or not! Get yourself a five to ten year plan in place of where you would want to be in life and work towards it. At this point you need your family for moral support and nothing else. You just got to show them that your very capable of doing things on your own and YOU got this. Prove to them how responsible and mature you are. Then things will turn around for you when it comes down to them judging you. Things won't always be easy and nobody's perfect. Once you show them your independance and growth, it's nothing else left for them to be disappointed about. There are resources out there to help you. Get your s*** together and show'em! Good luck.

  • Seriously haven't you ever heard of birth control?

    This last generation has no morals, common sense wtf!

  • I'm a 80s child.I'm part of this younger generation,in contemporary society and I use birth control.I'm now 31 and soon to be 32,I don't want children and don't plan on,having any in the future.Each to their own.
    But the point is,don't judge and stereotype the majority of the younger generation,for the acts of a minority.Everyone is different.

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