Hot fantasy

My fantasy:
My friend is a guy but he isn’t gay. He’s a super hot and sexy boxer and on the stocky side. His bulge in the gym is gorgeous.
It starts with us stripping naked for each other and making out, touching each other too. Then he picks me up in his strong arms and carried me to bed, tying my hands to the headboard. His hairy 7-inch c*** stands fully erect, inches away from my 7-incher. Next he sucks my d*** slowly, pleasuring himself as he does so. Then as soon as I’m about to c** he stops and backs off, lubing up and putting on a condom. He untied me and turns me over, slowly he enters me and pulls out equally as slow. He thrusts in and out of me until we both c**. After, I lie in his arms with my head on his chest. It gets me so h**** every time as I try my best to imagine it and act out the bits I can.

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  • Thats pretty gay

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