I love my boyfriend, but..

I love my boyfriend so much. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and he feels the same way about me. We have good s**, no doubt. He is actually the only one I have had s** with. He has an average size p****, about 14 cm. I´m satisfied when we have s** but at the same time I can´t help but fantasize about being penetrated by a really big d***.. I would never cheat on him, so I guess this will remain a fantasy.



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  • Give his v*****.

  • Don't cheat on him, just buy a vibrator

  • Like your friend's p**** which is average but not really big, your s** life is good but not really great. You're satisfied but not really satiated. You're resigned but not really at peace. You would 'never cheat,' but you really can't stop fantasizing. You fantasize, but you really can't help it. Your fantasy is persistent, compulsive and automatic.

    I’m sure you love each other. But this fantasy is very persistent. You will NEVER shake it. So are you asking or telling us that this will remain fantasy? You also tag 'want.' Do you 'want' it to happen?

    You say that you would never cheat on your boyfriend. I don't doubt your sincerity. But tell me: Would you cheat yourself? I’ll explain.

    What if your fantasies are for a reason? What if this is Nature's way to say you're SUPPOSED to do, that Nature INTENDS this for you? If the fantasies make you wet, is not that Nature teaching you that THIS is what you TRULY need to respond FULLY as a woman? So again: would you cheat yourself and live so contrary to Nature's design?

    I don’t mean to insult or say you’re less than committed to your friend. I do want you to THINK and to be HONEST. And as he is your only one, you’re likely young. To rule out what you will and will not do at this stage may be unwise. It may leave you feeling cheated. Are you sure you’re ready to pass on the big enchilada? You’re certainly open to discussing it because you discuss it openly. That’s a good thing.

    Questions are good things, and the time to reflect on them is when your fantasies have you most focused on the specific object of your interest. [ http://tinyurl.com/nvb3enl ].

    Save this post. Read it as many times as you need to feel the power of their logic and commit the questions to memory. When you’re aroused and fantasizing deeply, THEN reflect on the questions and ask if it is acceptable for you to cheat on yourself. Surely, you owe yourself that much at least…


  • My ex had a large p**** and I liked it but we only saw each other on weekends so I never really adapted to his size, I was usually sore a day or two after we had s**.

  • They're are s** toys or a kinda of strap on that he could put over his p**** to make it bigger. I believe it's called a big boy.

  • One word my friend: d****

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