Dont know what to do

Confessing was helping me I confessed on every confession site I could find but it doesn't seem to help any more. I love her so much and I can't be with her. She can't even think of me in that way. I want to be done but I have to stay here for my son. What a mess

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  • I love you. I love you and I love your kids. Cant you take pity on me and get me out of my misery. Cant you take a chance on me. I have longed for you all these yrs. Do I not mean anything at all to you.


    REALLY! !!!! How rich! You first concern should always be the child YOU brought into this world - not some douche who clearly doesn't want you!

    My advice - go to the library and take out the book "A PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE" and read it 3 times.

  • Maybe what has to happen is that you accept it and then that way you can move forward in your life. You're hanging on to something that's not going to happen as sad as that may be. It may help to speak with a therapist because it sounds as though you have created an unhealthy obsession in your mind. Even if nothing will ever happen (or it did happen) you still have feelings and you have to go through the same motions as if you were breaking up with someone. You must grieve the end of the relationship. Toss out the what ifs, she's not available to you. But someone else is out there for you, but you won't see her because your mind is clouded. The sooner you let go, the better.

  • My confession is about the present about a girl I wish I could have a future with and about how lonely it feels knowing that future can't be. But I get your point ty

  • Confession is looking to the past. Look to the future.

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