I am constantly sad and try to be happy and positive about life but always end up being sad. What is wrong with me? I live such a privileged life and really have no reason to be depressed. Please give advice im not sure what to do.

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  • That's life its s*** so I work out before work at home 25 min chin ups dips ect and go 4 a bike ride afternoons ,,it helps

  • Maybe you have a chemical imbalance causing depression;
    Or maybe you do not feel fulfilled because you have no purpose yet.

    When you lived a life of receiving everything you've not experienced bad times and it could be harder to appreciate the little things.

    Try doing things differently, try to find something that gives you happiness!

    Camping, volunteering (a look into the lives of others can teach us all a lesson), fishing, dancing, hiking, get out there, make some friends .

    If all else fails go to counseling - Good Luck!

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