Thank you

I am still so in love with you Samantha. Thank you for spending the weekend with us. Staying up all night playing video games was so much fun. I wish I was somebody else so I could tell you my feelings for you and maybe have a chance to have you be in love with me too. I want so badly to feel that affection from you. I love you so much you may have an idea I think my girlfriend does too but I try to hide it. I feel so alone and miserable most of the time. Only happy when your here and even then it's so bitter sweet knowing I cannot be with you. All I want in this whole world would be to look you in the eyes tell you I love you and kiss your beautiful lips. If I could only hold your hand I would be happy. I love you so very much but my girlfriend is your mom. You are 22 I am 33 She is 46. How did I get in this mess. I never wanted to fall in love with you I did however want to be your best friend. I care about you so much you are my entire world and today at 6 when you leave to go back to work up there my whole world will fall apart only to be rebuilt when you come home next weekend. I am so excited though we are going zip lining together what a wonderful day just you and me. The ups and downs are starting to really take their toll. I think I have ulcers in starting to drink again. I can't eat and my heart physically aches all day. I'm only happy and healthy when you are here. I wish I could see your smile all day every day. Thank you for being my friend. I wish I hadn't betrayed your friendship with these feelings. I wish I had a friend to talk to. I feel so alone. I love you you wonderful beautiful sweet awesome girl I hope you know i will always be here for you now and forever. I love you sam

Jul 25, 2015

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  • Look pop your member out and ask her to get her laughing gear around. She may tell yo to f*** off but you ain't lost anything. Perhaps try it an ugly one next, it feels just as good when you give her a facial unless she is very ugly.

  • Oh what are you doing to yourself for a p***?

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