I spanked my 2 year old..

YouTube was not loading fast enough for him. I have told him many times over to be patient, to just wait as our internet is slow. That it will eventually load.

He started throwing tantrums and kicked me. When I have countless told him before not to do it. I threatened to spank him and he ignored the warning.

So I spanked his feet with the back of my slippers! It was not brutal. And yet I know that he felt the hurt. Physically, emotionally. Or embarrassment. Or panic. Or betrayal. He did not stop thrashing and resorted to hit me back. I spanked his hands. And he kept fighting me. I slapped him lightly on his cheek. And my heart broke over again when he touched to feel the sting. But still he won't stop.

I had to get away from him or I might hurt him irreparably. I slumped in a corner and just waited for him to cry it out. As I crued too. And yet he would not. He had asked then for a breastfeeding while crying hysterically.

I felt so terrible and a rollercoaster of emotions swarmed into me. Guilt and remorse and pride and anger and fear and hopelessness and love. So I continued to cry as he did. And I pulled up myself and wish the trauma will eventually go away. Both for him and for me..

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  • I would've done the same. Has he seen a child psychiatrist? This sounds beyond terrible twos behavior. Good luck.

  • I totally support spanking as a punishment. Tantrums are not acceptable behavior. 2yo are trying to find the line abs cross it. Well done!

  • You're teaching him to hit! Let him scream it out!

    He's 2, he does not know right from wrong yet. Hum a song you like in your head when he acts out, for Elise - Beethoven worked for me!

  • Oh, shut up. You delicate "gentle discipline" flowers are why children know they can get away with anything without repercussions! Small children are wild animals who cannot yet comprehend anything beyond their own tiny, self-centered little worlds. Idiots like you let them grow up and stay that way. How's that workin' out out there in the real world, now that they're no longer small and cute?

  • If this happens often you might want to see someone about it but if it's a one off then you were probably stressed to the max - some days we don't have a good sleep and then the day that follows causes something to snap for no reason. If this happens again make sure to tell someone.

  • Hit the littje p**** life is hard so learn

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