I spanked my 2 year old..

YouTube was not loading fast enough for him. I have told him many times over to be patient, to just wait as our internet is slow. That it will eventually load.

He started throwing tantrums and kicked me. When I have countless told him before not to do it. I threatened to spank him and he ignored the warning.

So I spanked his feet with the back of my slippers! It was not brutal. And yet I know that he felt the hurt. Physically, emotionally. Or embarrassment. Or panic. Or betrayal. He did not stop thrashing and resorted to hit me back. I spanked his hands. And he kept fighting me. I slapped him lightly on his cheek. And my heart broke over again when he touched to feel the sting. But still he won't stop.

I had to get away from him or I might hurt him irreparably. I slumped in a corner and just waited for him to cry it out. As I crued too. And yet he would not. He had asked then for a breastfeeding while crying hysterically.

I felt so terrible and a rollercoaster of emotions swarmed into me. Guilt and remorse and pride and anger and fear and hopelessness and love. So I continued to cry as he did. And I pulled up myself and wish the trauma will eventually go away. Both for him and for me..

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  • I would've done the same. Has he seen a child psychiatrist? This sounds beyond terrible twos behavior. Good luck.

  • I totally support spanking as a punishment. Tantrums are not acceptable behavior. 2yo are trying to find the line abs cross it. Well done!

  • You're teaching him to hit! Let him scream it out!

    He's 2, he does not know right from wrong yet. Hum a song you like in your head when he acts out, for Elise - Beethoven worked for me!

  • If this happens often you might want to see someone about it but if it's a one off then you were probably stressed to the max - some days we don't have a good sleep and then the day that follows causes something to snap for no reason. If this happens again make sure to tell someone.

  • Hit the littje p**** life is hard so learn

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