Chinese, Japs, etc/Spanish

Anybody else get grossed out when you see a Chinese person (mainly girl) randomly pop up? Like, I'd be scrolling through Discovery on IG, checking out all these normal photos and then some ugly ass Chinese b**** would pop up and ruin my morning or day. It's like scrolling through p*** and a naked grandma pops up. Nobody wants to see that! Also, apart from cool actors I've come across, I hate everybody else. I don't trust them and we're always at war with them. I hate Ken Jeong the most. He's f****** annoying and needs to stay out of movies & tv. I got nothing against Mexicans, but I hate the fact that they move to the US and take over stores & other places and force us to see spanish words everywhere and listen to mexican music (at least put on Reggaeton, that has a beat!), and just like Chinese, I gotta read subtitles in movies or shows. This is America, we speak ENGLISH.

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  • True, try buying adblockers. That dont work, hire a hacker to take these sites down.

  • Calm down, have a xanax or something.

  • Turn loose of the hate.

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