I pooped my pants at my sons baseball game!

Ok. So i'm a 37 year old man. I was at my sons baseball game yesterday. I was on the side lines cheering for my star of a son, when oops! I laid a big stinky rotten egg in my underwear! I guess I shouldn't have held it in as long as I did. I played it cool, so no one noticed, and went to the bathroom to change. But wouldn't you know it, THE BATHROOM WAS OUT OF ORDER!!! So I did the only thing I could. I went behind the outdoor toilets, pulled my pants down and shook the t*** out of my briefs. It rolled onto the ground. I still had a brown stain in my underwear, but luckily, the t*** was pretty solid, so it didn't leave much of a mark. I was forced to walk around for the rest of the day, with my hoody tied over my waist covering my butt. My son asked why it was tied like that, and I jokingly said "um, this is a new fashion statement!" What was I supposed to say? Daddy made a p*** in his pants? This is not the first time this type of thing has happened to me. Thank god I wear briefs! Maybe I should even try diapers!

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  • Sounds like a cracking t***, well done. btw if you think that no one noticed it then you are a bigger idiot than you sound. TURDS SMELL AWFUL!

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