How do i makeout???????

How do I do it? do I sit in his lap? when do I add in my tongue? where do I like touch him? behind his neck? hickies? what am I doing.. cause im ready and hopefully he is too cause i really want to do this. we have been dating for 4 coming up on 5 months and I took his first kiss. I really need advice so someone please help ?????

p.s. im pretty sure I already posted this but just making sure and posting it twice :)

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  • Ooh nearly forgot. Once you have spat or swallowed, then you insist that he gives you some tongue action on your p****. Trust me you will like that a lot and so will he. I know, I just love licking p****, the taste and smell is just beautiful.

  • OK, now I am a bloke and can guide you through this process. First off forget the hickies, these are gross and just make you look stupid. Have you not sat on his lap yet? If not then do this as a first step, it will be nice for you and him. Now you should feel his 'middle leg' start to stiffen up, if you don't then either he is gay or he don't fancy you at all. Once he is good and stiff then slide off his lap and kneel in front of him. Take out his 'middle leg', move the foreskin back and forth for a while, trust me he will enjoy that. Now put his 'middle leg' into your mouth and suck like old Kojak used to suck his lollypops - trust me he will really enjoy that too. Keep sucking and stroking and eventually you will be rewarded with a jet of hot creamy liquid. You then need to decide if you are spit or swallow.

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