Public shame

I used to spent summers in school summer camps. I was sitting by the pool with my girlfriends watching this boy's surfer suit ride half way down his butt. We were laughing and joking about it with boys, when one of them came up with the idea of pulling them down. They asked us to call him over to do it in front of us and embarrass him. We all wanted to see him stripped, so we called him to ask him some stupid question. It was hard to keep a straight face while he stood in front of us. They came down so fast, he ended up bare ass naked giving us a full frontal view of his d***. I have never forgotten the embarrassing expression on his face as he pulled the back up and walked away totally humiliated. We saw everything and so did every one else in the pool.

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  • I was 15 years old when I got sexually assaulted by a group of older boys in a public beach. I rushed out of the water because I saw them going through my stuff that I had laying on the sand. I remember getting my swim shorts yanked off, ran away with everything and left stranded naked in the middle of a public beach. I remember four girls that were sun bathing near me handing me a towel and giggling about it. If it wasn't for them ofering me a ride home, I would have been forced to walk three blocks home naked. Sitting in that car with four girls y nothing but a towel was the most humiliating experience I ever went through. I still remember the embarrament of my mother abd my two sisters opening the door and all the explayning I had to do.

  • I AM sorry that happened to you, AND it was wrong (and not a 'prank'), but to
    be better able to understand this story, are you a guy or a girl? PLEASE

  • I was high on drugs when my girl friends stripped my clothes off. I remember guys telling them to take my panties off to see my p****. Even drugged up I was embarrassed about being forced into oral s**. Kept thinking I had it cuming for being a druggie.

  • I went through the same embarrassment in college party. Someone slipped me a date rape pill in my beer and ended naked with guys checking me out. It was like one of those wet dreams where you find yourself naked in a public place. Never found out who took my clothes off. All I can remember was being stark naked with nothing to cover up and girls telling me later I was drunk and did it myself. I was devastated when I found out guys were sharing naked pictures of me. Felt like a college w**** and had to drop out to save face.

  • I once watched a boy in my school getting bully stripped in front of my girl friends. They dragged him behind the back fence of the school and forced all his clothes off. I remember his d*** was hard when they yanked off his underwear. I guess the thought of girls seeing him naked made him get a h******. I even felt embarrassed about seeing him standing there naked and intimidated, but I still got aroused looking at his d***. My crazy girl friends went as far as to video it with their phones. He must be dying of shame knowing that most of the girls in school are getting off looking looking at it.

  • Girls sure can be vicious little s**** when they are wet enough. Just like boys.

  • I was 17 years old when my girl friends and I saw these boys stripping off a younger boy's clothes off. They did it in front of a crowd of mixed boys and girls just to shame him and have good laugh. They held him sprawled out on the ground completly nude, while boys laugh at him and girls took pictures of his p**** with their cel phones. I also remember they boy getting an unwanted erection and forced to publicly display to sexually degrade him. They boy was only 14 years old could have nerver prevented what they did to him. He went home that day with pants on and the rest of his clothes in his hand. I think the boy never told his parents about the stripping because none of those boys were reported.

  • When I was 16 years old my girl friends convinced me into playing a strip game with some boys from school. Said the chances of getting one of the boys naked were high because there were more boys than girls. We had been smoking pot and and our level of inhibitions were running low, so I took my chances and joined inn. It was the fallow up to a spin the bottle game we had been playing tongue kissing boys, getting all worked up about it and chance to see boys without their clothes. We played it with a deck of cards, highest card wins and lowest payed with clothing. Five minutes into the game I found myself sitting on the floor in panties with my t*** exposed. I remember boys looking at my t*** and watching my nipples going hard. It wasn't going like we expected. Three of my girl friends had lost some clothes, some boys were pantless or shirtless but not enough to show anything. I felt a cold rush through my body staring at the card in my hand and watching everyone drawning higher ones. That turned into a blood rushing wormness when I drew a 2 of spades and facing total humiliation. Almost melted away when I had to stand up, peel of my panties and spin around in front of everyone stark naked. I remember my girl friends laughing about my flushed red face, while boys got off looking at my bare t*** and my freshly shaved off p****. Felt a mixture of embarrassment and arousal and had no other choice but to swallow my shame. The experience of publicly baring it all, turned into in one that I never managed to forget and stiil makes me bush when think of that day.

  • In college I once had my drink spiked with some drug. Woke up latter with no clothes, spread out on floor naked with a bottle of been taped into my p**** and a bunch of guys taking pictures. Had to walk back to the girls dorm building rapted in a towel. They next day my panties were up the flag pole waving in the air. That was the end of college for me.

  • I remember loosing the bottom part of my bikini down a water park slide. I was so terrified of bounsing out of the slide, I was totally unaware I had lost them. Ended up crashing in a 3 feet pool of water with legs spread open and exposed to the world. To make things wrost my p**** was totally shaved. Now I know why guys are always hanging out at the ends of slides. There were a whole bunch of them that day and I'm sure they saw plenty. A lady was good enough to throw me a towel, but by then I had given everyone the most embarrassing strip show of my life and probably caught on video. As you can imagine, I left that park in rush.

  • I got drunk and my girl friends took my clothes off and carried me out of the room so boys could see my p****. I remember I was so drunk I couldn't even put my clothes back on. Know there are pictures of me sprawled out naked on the floor with everyone looking at them.

  • My stupid older brother and his friend dragged me out of the house in my underwear. They did it to shame me because the two sisters that lived next door were out there. They carried me up to the fence and yanked my underwear off right in front of them. I remember them looking over the fence saying "yeah look at that b****" because I couldn't stop my p**** from getting hard. The worst was that both of them went to my same school and now they are bragging about it with other girls.

  • I was 18 when I got hit by a wave on a public beach and washed up on shore with my bikini top rapt around my neck. When I got up I discovered my bikini bottom had disapeared. To make things worst, I was completly shaved and publicly exposed my bare p**** right down to my c*** to everyone on the beach. So humiliated I had never left a beach so fast in my life.

  • I was 21 when I got hazed in college. Being a member of sorority girls was something I wanted be. I knew I had to go through the initiation, but later your were treated like a member of the cool chics in college. Tried to find out what I would have to go through, but that was something I had to accept blindly. That night came when I went with them blind folded, not knowing where they where they were taking me. By the time it took to drive and the sounds I was hearing along the way, figured it was not more tha five minutes from college. By the sounds of wood steps under my feet I knew we were entering a house. I remember getting spanked naked, bent over and forced to say "thank you sisters" with every slap on my butt. They were hard and could feel my butt stigging as if it was on fire. Next was a vaginal check followed by something introduced into my a***, witch felt like a lubricated bottle. Remember one of them telling me to keep my legs spread, pushing them apart with her leg and the forced to finger myself. "Come on rub that p**** faster" and "let's see how went it gets" I stood there rubbing myself off when they took my blind fold off and discoverd there were five guys l****** over me all along. I had no clothes, not allowed to cover myself and forced to stand in front of them while they voted if I was sexy or not. The whole initiation lasted about two hours and ended up loosing every last drop of dignity at had left. It was all kept secret thank God, but facing those five guys almost every day in the college hallways was blood rushing embarrassing.

  • I used to play with boys with my girl friends. I can't recall what we were playing, but it most have been cops & rubbers or cowboys & indians. I remember a boy getting tied up to a lamp post by his friends and getting his pants and underwear pulled down to shame him in front of us. I remember him getting a b**** and his face turning red with embarrassment. Like most of my girl friends, we had seen our brothers naked at some point in time but never with their d**** hard. We all got an eye full that day and got a good long look it. It was real turn on.

  • I'm the youngest of two sisters. My sister is 18 and I'm 16. She caught me walking around with no clothes on, pushed me out of the house naked and locked the door. There were three boys outside from next door house when I landed on the front lawn. !God! did they have a party looking at me in my birthday suite. I could see my sister laughing behind the window glass watching me getting publicly humiliated. She made me knock on the door and took her sweet time letting me inn. By then I was totally stripped of dignity and completly disgrace.

  • Spent a beach day with a group of boys and girls from high school. Took a long walk down the beach to get away from the spots that get crouded and settled behind some rolling dunes. Went with a few boys ferther down the beach and never suspected they were going to yank off my swim suite. I remember them slapping my butt saying "your on your own" while I watched them running with my suite in down the beach. Watched them running back down the beach and all the way back waving my suite in front of the girls that were with us. I had been left stranded with nothing but sand dried up bushes and the horrible feeling of having nothing to cover myself. This was going to be a blood rushing embarrassment because I knew my so called friends weren't about to let me off the hook. I almost melted away when I saw girls rushing up the beach towards me and spotted me squating behind a skimpy bush. They just stood there having party saying "a flash for a towell" Never in my dreams had to parade myself in front of girls but it was the only way to end my shame. Not doing it would have been far more disgraceful if other people began to show up for the sexy show.

  • I was at school i had eaten a lot and i suddenly had to go p*** i ran to the bathroom but i realized i couldn't make it so i pooped my pants and then someone saw it sticking out a little so he pulled my pants and underwear down and p*** went everywhere he also stole my pants and underwear so everyone saw my big p**** and butt.

  • I was seventeen,walking down the street in jean cut offs and tee shirt,another boy,about fifteen,confronted me and said I looked gay,I tried to fight him,but even though he was smaller than me,he pinned me down,and I blurted out the words"I surrender!".He forced me to follow him to a park,took my shoe laces and tied my wrists,them took me to a park bench and spanked me after hiking up my shorts,the rest of that summer,I had to wear shorts everyday for him and call him sir.I basically had become his slave, and he spent a lot of time putting me through humiliating ordeals,such as spanking and such.

  • Oh then I think I was ashamed much more but really much much more ...
    When I was about 15 yo, I was stealing the boxers and toels from boys in the shower and I was laughing a lot when they hed to go back to their room completely naked. I did it 12-15 times about, and so the caught me.
    After I was humilliated a lot, they slapped me hard enough in front of everybody (at least 300 students were living at that students' apartmen) and of couse I was naked for at least hal an hour. It was the worst day of me life, 4-5 boys were slapping me continuously and after they didn't want to let me go, they were enjoying that I was ashamed that much in fornt of everybody .
    So people .... does anyone have a similar level of shame story?

  • I was 15 when this 17 year old boy shoved his hand down the front of my jeans. Felt his hand slip under my panties, his finger wiggling inside my p**** and asking me if I liked it. He was stronger than me and then felt his friends yanking everything down get a look at my private parts. Never had the courage to tell on them.

  • I got sexually groped in the school's girls bathroom. I was 15 years old when four boys walked in, locked the door and began touching my private parts. They exposed my b****, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties off. I was so scared and embarrassed about everyone in school finding out about it I kept quite. Remember getting my p**** licked, finger f***** with a hand covering my mouth waiting for them to finish. It had happen to other girls that didn't say a word about out of embarrassment. I did the same and swallowed my shame like the rest of them.

  • I had my panties taken off in the school bathroom during break time by a group of girls that wanted to shame me in front of two boys that had sneaked inside with them. I remember them covering my mouth with my skirt held up while the two boys fingered my p**** and grabbed my b******. I was 15 years old when it happed and never told anyone about it because they told they would take my clothes off and push me out on the hallway. I never got my panties back and spent the whole day sitting in class without them. Found out later I wasn't the only girl they had bullied like that.

  • Weird

  • I was 13 years old when I saw a naked boy in summer camp. Some boys came up to me and my girlfriends and asked us if we wanted to see a boy stripped naked. The boy was 11 years old and was wearing a t shirt and elastic band sweat shorts. I remember looking at him with his t shirt hiked up, shorts and underwear down to his feet, while we all watched his p**** getting stiff. He looked so embarrassed and intimidated, he just stood there while me and the other girls looked at his p****. I admit enjoying it just as much as the other girls did. For most of us it was the first time we got to see a naked boy and admit I enjoyed it. Had no idea about s** or boys penises getting so hard. It was arousing in a strange, but we still looked and looked at it. I think looking at him so embarrassed with his p**** stuck up like a banana, is what got exited me the most.

  • Like to hear more

  • I remember getting someone naked was the number 1 prank for everyone in school. The best part was that it was always boys doing it to some young, sissy or shy boy. Girls couldn't get enough watching boys getting stripped and looking at their d***. Sexy and exciting because none of them were able to keep their d**** down. Hard as a rock and forced to show it was a real turn on. I know because I was a 15 year old girl and always on front raw.

  • I was 16 when I got bully stripped in front of girls in the school's bathroom. I remember a girl jerking my d*** while her girl friends took pictures. I never said anything because I didn't want anyone to know about it and couldn't come up with any excuse to get my parents to put me in another school. I'm still in the same school and half the girls in school have seen the pictures. Can't even lie about it because my face in showing in one of them. It's totally humiliating.

  • Dang

  • Saw a similar thing happen to a boy in the summer camp swimming pool. A group of senior boys grabbed this 14 year old kid by his arms an legs, yanked his swim suit off and through him in the pool completely naked. The boy had to climb out of the pool stark naked with girls having a party looking at his p****. Never seen a boy so naked and embarrassed, parading his p**** all the way to the boy's bathrooms. I'm sure girl enjoyed watching his d*** swinging in the air. Sucks to have half the girls in school knowing what you look like naked.

  • Wow how humiliating!

  • My friends stranded me naked in lake we used to go swimming. We were all horsing around in the water when they gabbed me and pulled off my bathing suit. The next thing I saw, was all of them running out of the water waving my swim suit and telling girls they were mine. Stood there naked chest deep in water waiting to get them back but never did. All I could see were girls standing on shore looking strait at me. They were offering me a towel, but had to walk out to get it. I knew they were eager to see me walk out naked, see my d*** and covering it up seemed stupid. Couldn't stay in the water all day, so I swallowed my prudishness and exposed myself all the way up to beach. Embarrassed as h***, exposing my d*** to all of them, I finally got a towel and also an obvious h******. It was overwhelming, but I did have ant other choice. My friends were nowhere to be seen and so were my swim suit. At least they were all girls I knew, but walking home rapped in a towel with them, proofed to be an extension of my embarrassment. I guess it's what friends do for a good prank and a good laugh.

  • Spent a day at the beach with girls and boys from high school. I remember watching boys going for a stroll down the beach and over these series of small sand dunes. About 15 minutes latter we spotted them running back laughing waving a swim suit. They had stripped off a boy named Andrew swimming suit off and stranded him stark naked. I remember my girl friend Susan saying "this doesn't happen every day" and girls getting up an racing down the beach. We fund him crouched down behind a small bush that hardly covered him. I remember him so embarrassed and desperate he didn't even bother to cover up his d***. All he asked for was a towel while he stood there watching us having a party looking at his d***.

  • I remember playing a strip card game with my girlfriends a group of boys. I'm sure the game was fixed to get me naked. Ended up naked trying to win back my clothes. It was embarrassing having to stand naked in front of laughing girls and boys looking at my t*** and p****. Even more embarrassing was having my developing b****** looked at by boys. I bared it all that day and later found out I had be cheated right out of my clothes. For me it was a blood rushing embarrassment, because I was 14 and a BIG deal having everyone seeing me naked. QCHX

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